New Executive Education Program to Provide Grounding in Best Practices for Board Governance

NYU-SCPS Launches Global Board Leadership Academy
Alice Korngold

New Executive Education Program to Provide Grounding in Best Practices for Board Governance

Addressing the need to strengthen board governance for private and public institutions around the world, the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS) will launch the NYU Global Board Leadership Academy in January 2013.

The Academy will offer a certificate program for directors of for-profit,  and nonprofit boards that will provide leaders from diverse professional backgrounds with the insight and the vision to play leading roles on the boards of rapidly evolving, global organizations. The dynamic curriculum, currently in the formative stages of development, will afford these future leaders the knowledge, the skill sets, and the ethical practices to achieve success.

Candidates for the program will be highly qualified, based upon their experience as well as personal qualities. They will be nominated by the CEOs of their companies or organizations.

“This program is one of many being created by NYU-SCPS to develop successful executives and professionals for global leadership positions in a world facing new challenges and opportunities,” said NYU-SCPS Vice Dean Dennis Di Lorenzo. “Boards are under increasing scrutiny, which requires officers to be more effective and accountable. The structure of this program will provide those who complete it with these necessary attributes.”

The Academy’s director is Alice Korngold, who has been providing strategy consulting for global corporations; professional services firms; universities; healthcare institutions; foundations; and global, national, and regional nonprofits for more than two decades. As director, Korngold will apply her expertise in board governance, corporate and social responsibility, and for-profit/nonprofit partnerships to develop the curriculum. Through her relationships with leaders in private industry, NGO/nonprofit organizations, foundations, and associations, Korngold will establish partnerships, develop programming, and engage faculty members and presenters.

“The NYU Global Board Leadership Academy will help to build a better world by strengthening the boards of NGOs/nonprofits, as well as public and privately held companies, that have the authority and the power to make decisions affecting global markets, education, healthcare, economic development, renewable resources, the environment, human rights, and more,” she concluded.

For more information, e-mail or call 917-533-3301.

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