NYU's Humanities Initiative welcomes its fourth class of faculty and graduate student research Fellows to its home at 20 Cooper Square. Research fellowships are awarded to full-time faculty and Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and art disciplines, and fellows meet on a weekly basis to discuss their work-in-progress and participate in Humanities Initiative activities. 

This year's group, which hails from the Steinhardt School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Science, Graduate School of Arts and Science, Liberal Studies Program, and Tisch School of the Arts, was chosen from a pool of over 80 applicants. It also includes two honorary fellows as well as an ACLS Post-Doctoral Fellow. Fellows will spend their year working on topics ranging from the literary responses to the Sack of Rome to issues in the digital humanities.The Humanities Initiative also sponsors grants-in-aid, working research groups, and team-teaching opportunities, and holds lectures, conferences, and book launches throughout the academic year in its space on the fifth floor of 20 Cooper Square.  See www.humanitiesinitiative.org for further information on funding possibilities, activities, and current and past fellows.

The following are the 2010-11 Fellows:

Jonathan Cottrell (Graduate Student)
Department of Philosophy, GSAS
"Contradictions and Absurdities" in Hume's View of the Self

Toral Gajarawala
Assistant Professor, Department of English, FAS
Genealogies of Realism: Caste, Class and the Constraints of Form

Michael Gallope (Graduate Student)
Department of Music, GSAS
Immanence and Singularity in Modernist Philosophies of Music, 1910-1980

Jessica Goethals (Graduate Student)
Department of Italian Studies, GSAS
Renovatio: The Literature of Revival and Reform after the Sack of Rome (1527)

Michael Kunichika
Assistant Professor, Department of Russian and Slavic Studies, FAS
“Our Native Antiquity”: Russian Modernists Imagine the Steppe

Eugene Ostashevsky
Master Teacher of the Humanities, Liberal Studies Program, FAS
OBERIU Conversations: Poetry, Science and Play in Stalin’s Russia

Dana Polan
Professor, Department of Cinema Studies, Tisch
Raymond Williams for Film and Media Studies

Martha Rust
Associate Professor, Department of English, FAS
Item: Lists and the Poetics of Reckoning in Late Medieval England

Scott Selberg (Graduate Student)
Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, Steinhardt
The Matter With Old People: Visual Culture and Alzheimer’s Disease

Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu
Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, FAS
True Beauty: Science, Culture and the Multinational Cosmetics Industry

Aaron Tugendhaft (Graduate Student)
Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies, GSAS
“Baal is Our King”: Politics and Narrative at the End of the Bronze Age

Jerome Wakefield
University Professor, Silver School of Social Work
Philosophical Foundations of Clinical Social Work

Matthew Watkins (Graduate Student)
Departments of French Studies and History, GSAS
Mendésisme and Modernization: The Making of an Indissoluble Association in Post-Liberation France, 1944-1975

Adina Yoffie
ACLS Fellow, Department of History
Translation of Hebrew Manuscripts

Honorary Faculty Research Fellows:

Myra Jones-Taylor (Spring 2011)
PhD Yale University
NYU Postdoctoral and Transition Program for Academic Diversity,
Silver School of Social Work
Blank States: Community Efforts to Change Childcare

Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Professor of Media Studies, Pomona College
New Narratives in Digital Technologies

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