New York University’s College of Arts and Science will host “Discourses of Republicanism,” Thurs., Nov. 13 through Sat., Nov. 15, at NYU’s Hemmerdinger Hall, Silver Center for Arts and Science, Room 102, 100 Washington Square East (at Washington Place). Subway Lines: 6 (Astor Place); A, B, C, D, E, F, V (West 4th Street); R, W (8th Street).

The event, the annual Rose-Marie Lewent Conference on Ancient Studies, is free and open to the public. Those interested may call 212.998.8100 or email for more information.

One of the most important ways classical antiquity shaped later thinking in Europe and the Americas about the nature of the state, citizenship, and collective identity is through the rich tradition of texts that define and explore “republicanism.” This conference brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars interested in the dynamic influence of Roman republicanism on literature, political theory, history, and philosophy from the Roman empire to the current day. In these sessions, participants will seek to define what is distinctive about the republic as a form against other systems to which it is often compared or contrasted, such as democracy and empire.

Sessions will include: “Why Republics Now?”; “A Matter of Choice and Taste: The Republic and Its Representatives in Ciceronian Thought”; “Is Ethics to Politics as Responsibility is to Republicanism?”; and “Hannah Arendt and the Republican Tradition.” For a complete schedule of events, go to the Center for Ancient Studies’ homepage at and look under “Announcements.”

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