Annual “Open Doors” Report Names NYU Among Top 20 U.S. Colleges and Universities

New York University has a greater number of students participating in study abroad programs than any other U.S. college or university. According to a new study by the Institute of International Education (IIE), NYU had 2,809 students study overseas, followed by Michigan State University (2,558) and the University of Texas at Austin (2,244). In addition, NYU attracts the third-greatest number of international students (5,827), behind the University of Southern California (7,115) and Columbia University (5,937). The strength of NYU’s global reach led it to be named one of the top 20 campuses by the IIE, which is the leading not-for-profit educational and cultural exchange organization in the United States.

NYU recently announced the development of a regional campus in Abu Dhabi, the first comprehensive liberal arts campus to be operated abroad by a major U.S. research university. The opening of that campus, expected in fall 2010, will be a major step in the development of NYU as a “global network university,” - a university with a teaching and research presence around the world through sites connected to the main campus in New York and to one another, drawing in scholars and students of talent from around the globe.

NYU is well known for having one of the most expansive and successful global programs in higher education. NYU currently has eight Study Abroad sites in Europe, Asia, and Africa; it is currently developing two more, in Tel Aviv and Buenos Aires. This year, NYU also offered two branch campuses in Singapore offering graduate degrees: one in filmmaking and a Masters of Law (LLM) program.

NYU President John Sexton said, “Just a few years ago, fewer than 10 percent of NYU’s students studied abroad; now one-third do. In a few years, we expect that fully half of our students will make study abroad a part of their educational experience. As well they should: as our world’s cultures are brought together ever faster and more forcefully, a global experience will be an indispensable part of a student’s full college experience. In general, this embrace of a global experience is a very important development in higher education; for NYU in particular, it is a validation of our efforts to create the first ‘global network university.’ ”

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