On the heels of a successful conference in Austria on Muslim youth and women in Europe and North America, New York University’s “Center for Dialogues: Islamic World-U.S.-The West” today announced its next program, “Iraq for All Iraqis,” a conference to be held at the United Nations to advance a much-needed dialogue and cooperation within Iraqi civil society and to build bridges with the international community.

The Center’s mission is to promote dialogue between the Islamic world, the U.S., and Europe based on mutual respect and reason, leading to mutual understanding and co-operation. Originally a program of NYU’s Remarque Institute, it emerged from 9/11 to address the need for greater communication between the West and the Muslim world. NYU recently designated it an independent “center” to provide a forum for constructive debate between various religious, intellectual, economic, and political sectors of American, European, and Islamic societies.

“Iraq for All Iraqis,” to be held June 11 and 12, will include sessions on the following topics: “Rebuilding National Consensus,” “Rebuilding and Security,” “Civil Society and the Role of Non-Governmental Organizations,” and “Challenges to Multi-cultural Society and Education.” For more information on the Center, go to http://www.islamuswest.org

Mustapha Tlili, the Center’s director, said, “The Center for Dialogues: Islamic World-U.S.-The West is unique among comparable institutions at American universities for combining public outreach and international conferences, academic study, and policy review and recommendations. Through education, research, conferences, publications, and multi-media projects, and fellowships and exchange programs, we can offer new insights into such areas as the strategic relationship between the Islam and the West, the nature of authority in both worlds, and governance and the reform movement in the Islamic world and Muslim communities in the West.

“As a newly constituted center at NYU, we look forward to building partnerships with like-minded institutions in the United States, Europe, and the Islamic world as we seek to attract support for our efforts.”

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