New York University’s Fales Collection, the university’s major rare book repository, has acquired the papers of the best-selling novelist Peter Straub, known for his mastery of the increasingly respected worlds of fantasy and horror fiction and a writer whose novels have sold in the millions worldwide.

The archive includes all of Straub’s published works represented in original notebooks, in-progress manuscripts, typescript drafts, galleys, and proofs, as well as manuscripts and typescripts of several unpublished works; Straub’s vast personal correspondence with such fellow writers as Brad Morrow, Ann Lauterbach, and Stephen King; personal notebooks, diaries, and photographs. The Straub Papers also include complete typescript drafts of works by other writers, including King, Morrow, Poppy Z. Brite and others, often with Straub’s manuscript comments.

Straub, who received a lifetime achievement award from the Horror Writers Association (HWA) in 2006, has seen seven of his books win the HWA Bram Stoker Award, has won two World Fantasy Awards, and was named an HWA Grand Master in 1998. His blockbuster bestseller Ghost Story, the result of his study of the history of Gothic literature, was made into a major motion picture in 1981, starring Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, and Patricia Neal. He co-authored two novels with Stephen King - The Talisman and Black House. His 17 novels include the bestsellers Shadowlands, Floating Dragon, The Throat, The Hellfire Club, and Mr. X, and he is the author of several volumes of poetry and recently edited H.P. Lovecraft: Tales for Library of America.

“I am delighted that the university has been able to acquire the Peter Straub Papers,” said Carol Mandel, dean of the NYU Libraries. “His works fit perfectly into the Fales Collection, which documents the history of the novel in its many genres in English and aggressively collects ground-breaking contemporary fiction.”

“Straub’s work is steeped in literary history, including the Gothic tradition, war literature, and the hard-boiled American detective novel - all of which are prevalent in Fales. And his books are as ambitious and stylistically challenging as those of many of his contemporaries (and friends) included in our Downtown Collection,” said Michael Kelly, Curator of Books at Fales.

Straub said, “The Fales Collection, breathtaking in its depth, thoroughness, range, and inclusiveness, has in recent years also become unique, I think, amongst institutions of its kind in the vitality of its engagement with contemporary literature and contemporary writers. I am both proud and delighted that my papers should be housed at the Fales, and I look forward to an active, ongoing relationship with the Director and Curators of the Collection.”

The Fales Collection at NYU comprises nearly 200,000 volumes and houses both the collection of rare books and manuscripts in English and American literature, and the general special collection from the NYU Libraries. Fales is open to all NYU students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni, and researchers and scholars from other institutions throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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