“Late on the evening of Sunday, August 5, the New York City Police Department was called to an apartment in 4 Washington Square Village where the dead body of a young woman was found.

“Washington Square Village, occupying the large block between West 3rd and Bleecker Streets, mostly but not exclusively houses NYU faculty and affiliates. The apartment in question belongs to an NYU faculty member in The Steinhardt School who is currently traveling as part of a foreign study program; the dead woman is believed to be her daughter. Because of the circumstances of the death, the NYPD is treating it as suspicious and is investigating. The University has been and will continue to aid their investigation in any way possible.

“As a precaution, NYU’s Department of Public Safety will increase patrols in and around Washington Square Village to provide increased uniform presence. The University has asked that if anyone in the NYU community has information that they please call 212-741-4841 and ask to speak to the 6th Precinct Detective Squad.

“The University has 24/7 counseling resources for members of NYU community; anyone who is feeling vulnerable should contact NYU’s Wellness Exchange at 212-443-9999 (or 999 from any campus phone) or by email at wellness.exchange@nyu.edu. The counselors have been made aware of this death.

“I believe I can speak for everyone at NYU when I say that the thoughts and prayers of our entire community are with this family at this time of tragedy.”

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