The Capstone program, part of the core curriculum of the Master’s Program at NYU Wagner, provides students with both a critical learning experience and an opportunity to work in a team over the course of an academic year to perform a vital public service.

On Tuesday, May 1, 2007, summaries of these projects for the public good will be on display and their principal authors will be on hand at The Puck Building, 293 Lafayette Street, New York City. This 2007 Capstone End Event will be held 5:00-6:30 p.m. in the landmark building’s Grand Ballroom on the ground floor.

Some of the topics tackled by this year’s Capstone teams include:

  • Green roof infrastructure in New York City.
  • Revitalizing suburban downtowns on Long Island.
  • Fighting lice infestations in public schools.
  • Domestic violence services.
  • Community-based alternatives to incarceration.
  • Military spending and the impact on the domestic labor market.
  • Ramifications of City Charter revisions in New York.
  • Quality of housing built in Aceh, Indonesia since the tsunami.
  • Surveying youth perceptions and attitudes worldwide.

RSVP online at or by calling NYU Wagner’s RSVP line at 212.998.7546.

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Robert Polner
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