On November 6 and 7, 2006, the NYU College of Dentistry will host a two-day symposium to honor the life and career of Donald H. Enlow, PhD, a major contributor to our current understanding of bone growth and development, particularly of the face, and of comparative vertebrate microscopic anatomy, and the creator of one of the most notable comparative bone histological slide collections in the world. The collection, consisting of over 25,000 slides, is currently being curated by the NYU College of Dentistry and will be on display at the symposium.

The collection reflects Dr. Enlow’s integrative approach to human skeletal development and morphology, which has come to define the current relationship between health and basic sciences. It is based on extensive studies that date from 1955 to 1990, from human, monkey, cat, rabbit and rat craniofacial and postcranial specimens that represent various projects ranging from the ontogeny of auditory ossicle histology to the cleft lip.

These studies have had a major impact on the theoretical and practical aspects of skeletal biology within numerous fields of science, including paleontology, hard tissue biology, orthodontics and anthropology. An internationally-prominent group of scientists who have been influenced by Dr. Enlow will present research topics in these areas, as follows:

Topic: Presenters
Paleontology Jack Horner (Bozeman, MT)
Kevin Padian (Berkeley, CA)
Armand De Ricqles (Paris, France)
Mary Highby Schweitzer (Raleigh, NC)
Hard Tissue Biology Alan Boyle (London, England)
Timothy G. Bromage (New York, NY)
Haviva Goldman (Philadelphia, PA)
Susan Herring (Seattle, WA)
Mitchell Schaffler (New York, NY)
Orthodontics Lucia Cevidanes (Chapel Hill, NC)
Thomas M. Graber (Chicago, IL)
Takayuki Kuroda (Yokohama, Japan)
James A. MacNamera, Jr. (Ann Arbor, MI)
Olivier Nicolay (New York, NY)
Anthropology Daniel Lieberman (Cambridge, MA)
Robert McCarthy (Boca Raton, FL)
Shannon McFarlin (Kent, OH)
James McMahon (New York, NY)
Nancy Minugh-Purvis (Philadelphia, PA)
Paul O’Higgins (York, England)
Johanna Warshaw (New York, NY)

Registration is free and will include complimentary continental breakfast, lunch buffet and beverage service daily. Donations in support of the digitization and online availability of Dr. Enlow’s histological slide collection are appreciated.

To register or for more information, please e-mail tim.bromage@nyu.edu; call 212.998.9703 or go to www.nyu.edu/dental/research/ or www.nyu.edu/gsag/program/biomaterials/events.htm.

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