Seating for the event in the NYU School of Law’s Tishman Auditorium will principally be by invitation. Any open seats in the auditorium will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis by NYU students close to the beginning of the speech; however, we do not expect that there will be many, if any, open seats in the auditorium. There will be limited overflow seating in the Greenberg Lounge, where the speech can be viewed live on monitors; this seating will also be made available on a first-come first-served basis to NYU students. The line to attend the speech will form at the Washington Square Park South entrance to the Law School. Bags will not be permitted in the auditorium; we regret that coat check will be unable to accept bags.

The speech can also be viewed as a live webcast. Go to and follow the links. The speech will remain archived afterwards. The speech will also be broadcast over NYU’s TV system

Contact: Kalee Kreider / Office of Hon. Al Gore
615.327.2227 & 202.258.4164

Contact: John Beckman, NYU

Strong National Security Advocates, Social Conservatives Join in Cosponsoring Address at NYU School of Law

In the wake of this past summer’s record heat wave across the United States, pervasive wildfires, persistent drought, and disturbing new evidence of melting of the north polar icecap, the climate crisis is being recognized as a moral issue requiring bipartisan solutions. With these dangers come opportunities for both business and government to make different policy choices that will address the climate crisis, stabilize our energy markets and enhance national security.

Vice President Gore will present a new, bipartisan approach to solving the climate crisis and challenge America to take bold new steps to secure the nation’s future.

  • WHO: World Resources Institute Managing Director Paul Faeth, Former Director of the CIA R. James Woolsey, Former Vice President Al Gore
  • WHAT: Policy Address on Climate Change and National Security
  • WHEN: 12:30 PM on Monday, September 18th, 2006
  • WHERE: NYU School of Law, Tishman Auditorium, Vanderbilt Hall, 40 Wash. Sq. South (southwest corner of Washington Square park)

ABOUT THE COSPONSORS: The Set America Free Coalition brings together prominent individuals and non-profit organizations concerned about the security and economic implication of America’s growing dependence on foreign oil. It has been described as a coalition of “tree huggers, do-gooders, sodbusters, cheap hawks, and evangelicals.”

The World Resources Institute’s mission is an environmental think tank that goes beyond research to find practical ways to protect the earth and improve people’s lives. Every project seeks to serve one of the following goals: protect people and ecosystems, reverse climate change, harness markets and enterprise to expand economic opportunity or guarantee public access to information and decisions regarding natural resources and the environment.

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John Beckman
John Beckman
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