New York University Professor Mark Crispin Miller, author of Fooled Again (Basic Books, 2005), is available for comment on electronic voting and the 2006 elections.

Miller, a professor in the Steinhardt School’s Department of Culture and Communication, explored 2004 voting irregularities in Fooled Again and in “None Dare Call It Stolen,” an Aug. 2005 essay in Harper’s magazine.

In both works, Miller argues for bipartisan electoral reform. He believes that the 2004 presidential election was a “hijack” made easier by the new electronic polling system, which resulted in vote suppression, inconsistencies and irregularities in voting precincts, and intimidation methods against probable voters for the opposition.

Reporters interested in speaking with Miller should contact James Devitt, NYU’s Office of Public Affairs, at 212.998.6808 or

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