“NYU is disappointed by the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling today in FAIR v. Rumsfeld.

“The Solomon Amendment creates a conflict between two of higher education’s fundamental values - our commitment to non-discrimination for all, and our commitment to ensuring the resources for our scholars and students to pursue their work. We are saddened that this conflict at bottom means that if a unit of a university - for example, a law school - rejects military recruiters, the entire university can lose federal funding. Military recruiters have had access to NYU Law School while this matter was under review, and they will continue to have access going forward.

“Our nation’s universities are not anti-military, they are anti-discrimination. Regrettably, today’s Supreme Court decision will ensure that this important distinction is lost.

“Today’s decision may be a legal victory for the government, but it is a setback for our society, and the NYU community will continue to make its views known on the Solomon Amendment.”

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