Courses at NYU Offer More than Chocolate or Flowers for Your Sweetheart

New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) is offering a bouquet of courses perfect for Valentine’s Day this spring. These courses make a unique gift, designed to enlighten and educate the mind and tantalize the senses. Surprise your sweetheart with something different this year, a course the both of you can share, from SCPS.

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Scentsuality: Food, Aroma, Flavors, and Fragrance X38.7011 / Non-Credit / $125 Class meets Wed. 6:30- 8:30 (1 session): Mar. 8

This course explores one of our most under-appreciated senses by introducing the vast array of essential oils that are used in the perfume industry and exploring the link between scent and gastronomy in the restaurant world. Students also experience an aromatic three-course meal prepared by award-winning chef Bill Yosses.

Pairing Wine and Chocolate: Beyond Cabs and Ports X38.7012/ Non-Credit / $100 Class meets Thurs. 6:30- 8:30 (1 session): Mar. 16

This class demonstrates how to taste chocolate for sensory evaluation, what to look for when buying chocolate, and what to consider when pairing wine and chocolate. Students taste chocolates from around the world, including samples from New York City’s top chocolatiers, along with wines selected to complement the unique flavors of the chocolates.

Dining Under the Stars: Food and Astrology X38.7013/ Non-Credit / $125 Class meets Tues. 6:30- 8:30 PM (1 session): May 9

In this course, students explore the gastronomic side of astrology and learn how to apply the information to recipe and menu development. Students discover which foods and beverages are best suited to their astrological palates, and indulge in a three-course dinner prepared by Patricia Yeo, the critically-acclaimed chef of New York’s Sapa restaurant.

The Pleasures of Wine X38.7014/ Non-Credit / $375 Sec. 1: Class meets Thurs. 6:30- 8:30 (6 sessions): Mar. 30 - May 11

Blending pragmatism and hedonism, this course seeks to educate and entertain, through a series of lectures, guided tastings, and discussions, anyone who’s ever wondered What is all the fuss about? Topics covered include tasting method, major wine regions and styles, navigating a wine list, and the fundamentals of wine and food pairing.

Blending Innovation and Tradition: New World Wine Regions X09.9245/ Non-Credit / $275 Sec. 1: Class meets Thurs. 6:20- 8:20 PM (5 sessions): Mar. 9- Apr. 20, no class Apr. 13

This class examines the new wine regions, going beyond the better-known regions of Napa and the Barossa, to focus on wine production in Mendoza, Washington state, and South Africa. In our exploration of why some regions get ahead, we study the story behind the bottle and assess a potent blend of reasons—such as soil and microclimate (the notion of terroir), the historical interplay between wine and governments and societies, and contemporary efforts of leading personalities and marketing. Tastings of wines follow the class discussions.

The School of Continuing and Professional Studies ( is one of fourteen colleges and schools that comprise New York University, the largest private university in the United States. Founded in 1934, NYU SCPS each year educates some 4,200 undergraduate and graduate students and enrolls over 44,000 in its non-credit programs. A national leader in adult and professionally-oriented education, NYU SCPS programs include non-credit courses that span more than 125 fields, 14 industry-focused master’s degree programs, and nine bachelors and six associates degree programs specially designed for working adults. As well, NYU SCPS is home to NYU Online, the University’s first online bachelor’s programs.

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