New York University and National University of Singapore to Offer Dual Graduate Degree Program in Singapore

In a move that will transform the very concept of global legal education, New York University School of Law (NYU) and the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law (NUS) have created a dual degree program in Asia’s commercial and legal hub, Singapore.

Entitled NYU@NUS, this program will allow students from around the world to experience two educational universes, earning Master of Laws (LL.M.) degrees from both a leading U.S. institution and a leading Asian law school.

At least fifty scholarships will be offered in each of the first four years of the program.

The new initiative reflects both law schools’ commitment to the global study of law.

“For NYU School of Law this is a natural step,” said Dean Richard L. Revesz. “Over a decade ago, we recognized that important changes in the way law was being practiced required changes in the way it was taught. This led to the creation of our highly successful Hauser Global Law School Program. Our partnership with NUS takes that insight to the next level.”

“The NUS and NYU law schools have similar goals of developing globally-oriented teaching programs and research and it is therefore natural for both law schools to enter into this exciting and innovative collaboration. We are delighted to welcome the NYU School of Law to Singapore; not only is it a leading U.S. law school, it enjoys a richly deserved reputation as one of the most visionary law schools in the United States,” said Dean Tan Cheng Han S.C. of NUS. “At the same time, this is one of the many developments that are taking place at the NUS law school as we respond rigorously to the challenges posed by the greater pace of globalizations today.”

The NYU degree that will be offered in Singapore will be called the LL.M. in Law and the Global Economy. If they wish, students will be able to focus their studies in either U.S. and Asian Business and Trade Law or specialize in Justice and Human Rights.

Students enrolled in the NYU@NUS program may also read courses towards the NUS LL.M. degree and can choose to focus their studies on Asian Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property and Technology Law, or International Law.

A distinct feature of the NYU degree is that, whilst taking place in Singapore, the degree will be taught predominantly by NYU Faculty in residence at NUS. It is also envisaged that in keeping with the global orientation of the NYU@NUS program, there will be collaborative teaching between NYU and NUS Faculty. In addition to the academic program - in all respects as rigorous as its counterpart in New York - students will be able to opt for internships with Singaporean and other Asia-based law firms, as well as governmental and non-governmental agencies. After graduating, they may also choose to spend a further two months in New York taking a special course in American Lawyering.

Congratulating the law schools on the launch of NYU@NUS, Mr Teo Ming Kian, Chairman of the Economic Development Board, said, “The entry of NYU@NUS into Singapore is in line with EDB’s vision for Singapore to offer a diverse and distinctive mix of educational services to the world - from leading foreign universities to corporate training universities and foreign specialized institutions, across different geographies and disciplines. The NYU@NUS program is also expected to boost Singapore’s status as a Global Schoolhouse by attracting good students from around the world.”

“We expect the new program to attract two broad categories of applicants,” said Chair and Faculty Director of NYU’s Global Law School Program, Professor Joseph Weiler. “The first is Asian students who hope to acquire proficiency in American Law and benefit from the distinct methodology and style of American legal education, while also developing a comparative understanding of Asian Law. The second is students from the rest of the world who recognize the importance of Asia and want to combine the rigor of an American law degree whilst simultaneously acquiring proficiency in Asian law and institutions.”

John Sexton, NYU’s President and a former dean of the Law School, praised the initiative, “New York is the capital of the world, and NYU - which sends more students abroad than any other U.S. university and has among the largest group of international students in the U.S. on its campus - embraces that same sense of global connectedness and promise. This partnership will be an important new element of NYU’s global efforts.”

NUS President Shih Choon Fong applauded the move: “This is in line with NUS’ vision to build intelligent partnerships and cultivate a global community of scholars. The law school has been very active in facilitating this vision with its many global initiatives that include the establishment of the Asian Law Institute, international research collaborations, and student exchange agreements with other leading law schools. This partnership with NYU takes the law school’s vision of a global law school further. I am also especially pleased that the historic and beautiful Bukit Timah campus will host this exciting new LL.M. program.”

NYU will be represented in Singapore by Dr Simon Chesterman, who will direct the program. “This relationship brings together one of the top international law faculties in the United States and Asia’s Global Law School,” said Dr Chesterman. “It’s tremendously exciting not only for the students but also for the two faculties.”

The first cohort of students will commence studies in May 2007.


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