Twelve members of New York University’s Faculty of Arts and Science have been honored by the College of Arts and Science (CAS) as winners of the Golden Dozen awards, which recognize excellence in teaching and service to undergraduates. The winners will be recognized by the CAS community at the College’s Baccalaureate Ceremony held at Madison Square Garden on Tues., May 9.

This year’s award winners are: André Adler (clinical assistant professor, Morse Academic Plan), Bruce Bromley (lecturer in expository writing), Deena Engel (clinical assistant professor of computer science), Barry Flood (assistant professor of fine arts), Stéphane Gerson (assistant professor of French), Burt Goldberg (clinical associate professor of chemistry), Jeff Himpele (assistant professor of anthropology), Trace Jordan (clinical assistant professor, Morse Academic Plan), Fiona McGillivray (associate professor of politics), Liana Theodoratou (clinical associate professor of Hellenic Studies), Bryan Waterman (assistant professor of English), and Jindrich Zezula (associate professor of French).

In addition to these members of the Arts and Science faculty, the College also honored the following graduate students with Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards: Rachel Corkle (French), Andrea Jochim (chemistry), Jennifer Nycs (linguistics), and Giovanni Serio (economics).

The Outstanding Teaching Award for instructors, part-time faculty, and teaching administrators was given to three individuals: Xiaofu Ding (instructor of French), Bregtje Hartendorf-Wallach, (instructor of comparative literature), and Brett Ulrich (adjunct in physics).

Faculty are nominated by their students as well as their colleagues. Winners are selected by a faculty committee that consults the candidates’ departments and takes into account evidence of their teaching effectiveness, not just in traditional classroom settings but also as research mentors, advisers, and program builders. In addition to the recognition of their students and colleagues, Golden Dozen recipients receive a $1500 addition to their base salary, and their departments receive a one-time grant of $500 from the College for the enhancement of undergraduate education.

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