7-Year Research Study Links Retained Wisdom Teeth to Health Problems in Young Adults

New York University College of Dentistry’s Dr. Robert S. Glickman is available to comment on the findings of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) Third Molar Study being released at the opening of the AAOMS Annual Meeting in Boston, Sept. 20th.

While previous studies have linked periodontal disease with systemic effects in older populations, data from the AAOMS/OMSF Study is unique in that it targets “young adults” ages 20 to 35.

“The main reason everyone should know the status and presence/absence of their 3rd molars is that as we age the risk of surgical and non-surgical complications increases,” said Dr. Glickman.

“The primary health concern with 3rd molars is infection, just like with other teeth. However, because of their unique location in the jaws, infections from 3rd molars spread down the neck in the lower jaw and to the orbits, sinuses, and brain in the upper jaw.”

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