In 1905, Einstein wrote a series of papers, including one putting forth his theory of relativity, altering the foundations of physics. In 2005, NYU has put together four scholars as part of a 100th anniversary symposium on Einstein’s “Miracle Year,” which will take place on Fri., Nov. 18, 1-5:45 p.m. at NYU’s Meyer Hall (4 Washington Place [at Broadway], Room 121).

The other speakers at the event, which is free and open to the public, are NYU physicist Engelbert Schucking, a consultant on the translation of Einstein’s papers, and Rainer Weiss, a professor emeritus at MIT. The session is chaired by Benjamin Bederson, a professor emeritus in physics at NYU.

  • WHO: William Phillips, National Institute of Standards and Technology and 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics; Gerald Holton, professor of physics (emeritus), Harvard University; Engelbert Schucking, professor of physics, NYU; Rainer Weiss, professor of physics (emeritus), MIT; and Benjamin Bederson, professor of physics (emeritus), NYU
  • WHAT: Symposium Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Einstein’s “Miracle Year”
  • WHEN: Fri., Nov. 18, 1-5:45 p.m.
  • WHERE: NYU’s Meyer Hall (4 Washington Place [at Broadway], Room 121) [Subway Lines: A, B, C, D, E, F, V (West 4th Street); N, R, W (8th Street); 6 (Astor Place)]
Reporters interested in attending the event should contact James Devitt, NYU’s Office of Public Affairs, at 212.998.6808 or The public should contact Lorelei DeMesa at or at 212-998-7711 for more information.

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