The Yes Men, Yomango, Big Noise, Candida TV, Eddo Stern, and retroYou Will Participate

war of the worlds poster
war of the worlds poster

New York University’s Steinhardt School will host an event produced by d-i-n-a (digital is not analog), a European-based cultural association of artists, activists, and pranksters. The event, titled “The War of the Worlds,” is d-i-n-a’s first American appearance in what will be a showdown of projects and performances by European and American media agitators such as The Yes Men, a loose-knit association known for their outrageous presentations and radical anti-corporate follies.

“The War of the Worlds” will take place March 4 and 5 at the Barney Building’s Einstein Auditorium of NYU Steinhardt’s Art and Art Professions Department, at 34 Stuyvesant Street (9th Street between 3rd and 2nd Avenues). The event is free and open to the public. For the complete schedule and for more information about the d-i-n-a conference, visit The program will also include informal presentations by these artists: Yomango, a group that challenges multi-national corporations through “creative shoplifting;” Big Noise, a non-profit volunteer group that circulates revolutionary images; Candida TV, a group challenging the mainstream media, with a radical “do-it-yourself” approach; Eddo Stern, an artist who uses the medium of videogames as a form of political expression, and retroYou, a manipulator of software and videogame code to achieve unique esthetic results.

“It’s an honor to host d-i-n-a’s first North American appearance,” said Ted Magder, chair and associate professor in the Culture and Communication Department. “Through this event, Steinhardt’s Departments of Culture and Communication and Art and Art Professions will band together to give artists and media scholars a chance to explore the technological, creative, and political frontiers of contemporary art and digital media. d-i-n-a has made a name for itself showcasing the work of media artists and media activists.”

Editor’s note:

d-i-n-a (digital is not analog) is a cultural association involved in the arts, grassroots media, and communication and dedicated to different forms of direct intervention in the world through digital technology, arts, and the media. Based in Bologna, Rome, and New York, d-i-n-a hosted four international festivals on these topics since 2000.

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