“The NYU School of Law community is deeply saddened by the tragic accident that has injured Kim Barry, a Furman Fellow, star graduate of the class of 1998, and cherished member of our community.

“Kim is an extraordinary woman. That she was the first of the highly selective Furman Fellows at the School of Law – which provides the most promising young law school graduates an opportunity to do research as a pathway into an academic career – demonstrates vividly her brilliance and talent. We are enormously proud of her accomplishments.

“She is a wonderful person to be with, and universally respected. When she enters a room, it becomes a warmer, more cheery place. I am very fond of her; it is impossible not to like her.

“Like everyone else here at the School, I am stunned by the suddenness, tragedy, and unfairness of this. My thoughts – everyone’s thoughts – are with her family, loved ones and friends.”

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