Perry Halkitis, Ph.D. Can Discuss the Factors that Lead to Healthy and Unhealthy Sexual Practices - World AIDS Day, December 1 The recent film “Kinsey” offers moviegoers a look at the life of Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, pioneer in the field of human sexuality whose work preceded the sexual revolution and the AIDs epidemic.

New York University’s Perry Halkitis, associate professor of Applied Psychology, could discuss World AIDs Day and why we need even more sex research today, especially in light of the ever- growing HIV epidemic in this country.

Topics Halkitis can address include: HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment — all aspects of HIV drug abuse in men and women; gay identity and spirituality; mental health and human behavior related to sex; public policy; support programs and their efficacy, and ethnic and racial factors that play into lifestyle choices. Halkitis frequently speaks to community groups such as the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (LGBT).

Halkitis is currently conducting research on the health-seeking behaviors of men and gay culture; the life history of 100 gay men - trying to understand patterns of development, and a collaborative project with NYU’s Medical Center and the Mind-Body Center to explore how mental health affects medical health.

For more information or speak with Dr. Halkitis, contact Jennifer Zwiebel, NYU’s Office of Public Affairs, Steinhardt School of Education at (212) 998-6797 or jennifer.zwiebel@nyu.edu.

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