Lawrence Balter, Ph.D. in Applied Psychology, on Limiting Holiday Stress for Families;
Lisa Young, Ph.D. R.D. in Nutrition, on Curbing Kids’ Candy Cane Cravings

Shopping for the right gift or spending an entire day with the in-laws and the kids could easily put a strain on the holiday spirit. Add to that all the food temptations that come with the festive season and how even adults have a hard time resisting those sweets…but there are some answers.

Lawrence Balter and Lisa Young, professors at New York University, provide some practical advice related to stress and families and how adults can help children make the right food choices during this festive season.

• Dr. Lawrence Balter, a professor of applied psychology at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education, suggests practical strategies for surviving the holidays and reducing stress on yourself and your kids. Balter is a psychologist and an internationally known parent educator. His latest work is Parenthood in America: An Encyclopedia. He also directs the NYU Warm Line, a free telephone service offering non-medical child rearing information to parents.

• Dr. Lisa Young, an adjunct professor of nutrition and registered dietitian in NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education, offers ways to curtail food indulgences. Young discusses ways parents could help turn kids on to healthy eating and teach their children about moderation in their food habits. Young specializes in diet counseling for children.

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