The students admitted to NYU are not just smart, they are eclectic. They're a little bit different, and a little more original, than your average college student, and that's exactly the kind of student we want to have here. They come to NYU and to New York City for a reason: they love the energy and the vitality, and the way they go about their business reflects that. This year alone we have had to confront a film student who wanted to tape a live sex act performed in front of her classmates, and a group of students who set up a swimming pool in their room in their residence hall.

Welcome to life at NYU.

The young man in question has set up an entertaining and fascinating web-site about living in the University's library. When the University saw it, we contacted him. While privacy rules prohibit us from going into detail, we have spoken with the student, we took what he had to say at face value, and we have arranged for housing.

As interesting and entertaining as this story is, realistically we all should recognize the element of choice in this tale: this student made a choice. There are thousands of students in difficult financial situations who go to school here and manage to live in University housing without difficulty; if they do have a problem, they customarily choose to come and talk to us. And we are able to assist them - we want to help, and we want them to finish their studies here successfully. While the solution this student came up with for himself is unique and will certainly become part of the University's folklore, the ultimate outcome was that after we were in touch, we were able to help.

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