Letter to the NYU Faculty Updating the Status of the Negotiations Between the UAW and the University


September 10, 2002


Dear Faculty Member:


Welcome back. We trust that you have had an enjoyable and productive summe and are looking forward to the upcoming academic year as much as we are. As you return to campus, we wanted to bring you up to date on the status of the negotiations between the United Auto Workers (UAW) - which is representing certain of our part-time faculty - and the University.

As most of you will recall our part-time faculty sought the opportunity to be represented in employment negotiations with the University. On 2002, the part-time faculty eligible for membership in thebargaining unit voted to be represented by the UAW. Th ebargaining unit is composed of those part-time faculty members who provide 40 or more hours of classroom instruction in a given academic year or 75 or more hours of individualized instruction in a semester.

Negotiations between the University and the UAW are scheduled to commence this month. Inconsultation with Provost David McLaughlin, President Sexton has appointed a group within the Administration to conduct the negotiation process. Like the University’s negotiations with the UAW on behalf of graduate students last year, this group will be advised by a Faculty Bargaining Committee.

The members of the Faculty Bargaining Committee are:

Marisa Carrasco FAS

James Ramsey FAS

Alma Carten Social Work

Dick Richardson Education

Ned Elton Stern

Kathleen Ross FAS

Phil Furmanski GSAS

Jalal Shatah Courant

Carol Martin Tisch

Sue Turk SCPS

Kathleen Murray SCPS

John Beckman Administration

Kathy O’Regan Wagner

Karen Bradley Administration

As the negotiations proceed, we want to keep you informed of our progress

and to get your views and ideas. Toward these ends, we will periodically

provide updates to you as negotiations proceed. We encourage you to

contact us at our email address: negotiation.team@nyu.edu. It is

important to us that you are kept informed about the negotiations and

that you provide us with your input and feedback.

We look forward to your participation in the process.


Cheryl Mills
Terry Nolan
Mary Sansalone

Press Contact

John Beckman
John Beckman
(212) 998-6848