Jack Lew, Clinton’s OMB Director, Named Executive Vice President Diane Yu, Nationally Recognized Bar Leader and Administrator, Named Chief of Staff and Deputy to the President Debra LaMorte, Head of Development at NYU Law School, Named Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations S. Andrew Schaffer to Continue as Sr. Vice President And Gen’l Counsel, and Sec’y of the University John Sexton, President-designate of New York University, has named his full administrative and financial leadership team, which will work in close collaboration with the academic leadership team he also announced today to guide the University in achieving a “category change in excellence.” Dr. Sexton assumes the presidency on May 17th, along with those he named today to new and existing posts.

Dr. Sexton said, “Our academic achievements and aspirations are attainable only through a committed effort across the University. In particular, our advancement will depend on a successful and close collaboration not only among those charged with the academic leadership of NYU but between those individuals and the team that will manage the operations and finances of the University.

“The group that I am naming today – some of whom I have announced previously, some of whom are being newly named, and others of who will go on serving in roles in which they have already done so much good work – comprises the core of our administrative, operational, and financial leadership. As I said in announcing the appointment of our senior academic leadership team, if there is to be a single phrase that captures the spirit of the 15th NYU Presidency, it is collegial decision-making and dedication to the enterprise. I want to pay tribute to these talented people, because I know that they are committed to that spirit, and their efforts will be indispensable to our progress.”

Executive Vice President

Among a number of administrative appointments announced by Dr. Sexton to the NYU community today, he named Jack Lew, the immediate past director of the President’s Office of Management and Budget under Bill Clinton and most recently executive director of the NYU Transition Team, as Executive Vice President of the University, a new position at the University. Mr. Lew’s selection as Executive Vice President-designate of the University was first announced last year. His responsibilities will include all University operations, budget, finance, audit, investment matters, and the full array of administrative services that support the University, including real estate, facilities maintenance, security, human resources and auxiliary services. In addition, Mr. Lew will be an integral partner with the University’s academic leadership team in shaping the University’s academic priorities and developing effective strategies to achieve them.

Chief of Staff and Deputy to the President

Diane Yu, a leader in the national and California bar, formerly associate general counsel at Monsanto, and most recently deputy director of the NYU Transition Team, will serve as Chief of Staff and Deputy to the President, a newly created position at the University. In that role, she will be a close advisor to Dr. Sexton and represent him in numerous settings. Her responsibilities will also include coordinating faculty recruitment and retention involving the University president, working with the deans, leading selected strategic policy initiatives, facilitating ongoing communications among NYU administrators, managing Dr. Sexton’s schedule,and overseeing the Office of the President.

Sr. Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Dr. Sexton confirmed the appointment of Debra LaMorte, formerly the Associate Dean for Development at the NYU School of Law, as Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations; she began serving in this post in January. She will lead the University’s efforts in development and alumni relations.

Sr. Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary of the University

S. Andrew Schaffer, who has served as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of the University since 1993, will continue in that post. In confirming his appointment to continue his duties in this role, Dr. Sexton cited his exemplary service to the University over 25 years and his national leadership among college and university counsels.

In addition to the appointments of Mr. Lew, Ms. Yu, Ms. LaMorte, and Mr. Schaffer, Dr. Sexton also announced the following new appointments:

  • Jeannemarie Smith will be NYU’s Vice President for Fiscal Affairs, working with Jack Lew. She has served as Associate Dean and Chief Financial Officer of the Law School since 1994. She previously served in senior financial positions at Columbia University, the New York Public Library, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art – The Cloisters.
  • Cheryl Mills will work with Jack Lew as Counselor for Operations. Ms. Mills served as Deputy Counsel to the President at the White House, with a wide range of responsibilities; she gained national prominence for her defense of President Clinton at the Senate impeachment trial. She subsequently served as Senior Vice President for Corporate Policy and Public Programming at Oxygen Media.

Dr. Sexton also made announcements about senior officials who will be continuing to serve the University:

As Vice Presidents

  • Dr. Lynne P. Brown will serve as Vice President for University Relations and Public Affairs. She has been the Vice President for University Relations since 2000; her portfolio has been expanded to include public affairs, comprising media relations and other communications functions. She will continue to serve as the Acting Vice President for Student Affairs pending the search for a successor.
  • Harry Read will stay on as Vice President for Finance, working with Jack Lew.
  • Dr. Richard Bing will stay on as Vice President for Budget and Resources, working with Jack Lew.
  • Robert Goldfeld will stay on as Vice President for Administration, working with Jack Lew.

Special Appointments

  • Naomi Levine will serve as a Special Advisor to the President on development matters. Ms. Levine served with distinction for many years as Senior Vice President for Development.
  • Norman Dorsen will be Counselor to the President. Prof. Dorsen, who recently chaired the Presidential Transition Team and has been a professor at the Law School for over 40 years, will provide counsel to Dr. Sexton and undertake special assignments.
  • Dr. Harvey Stedman will remain as Vice Chancellor of the University and will continue to offer his services in all facets of University academic and administrative policy and implementation.

Dr. Sexton said, “Our new leadership team exhibits the energy, resourcefulness, and experience of both seasoned NYU administrators and nationally renowned newcomers who are all deeply committed to our bold vision and have the skills and sound judgment to achieve it. The entire University community can look forward to exciting, challenging times ahead, where each sector – trustees, faculty, students, deans, administrators, and alumni – will have important roles to play. With this assembly of exceptional talent, I am confident that we are on our way to extending the spectacular upward trajectory of my predecessors and attaining the great heights of excellence to which we all aspire.”

New York University, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, was established in 1831 and is one of America’s leading research universities. It is one of the largest and most selective private universities, and it has more international students than any other college or university in the U.S. Through its 13 schools and colleges, NYU conducts research and provides education in the arts and sciences, law, medicine, business, dentistry, education, nursing, the cinematic and dramatic arts, music, public administration, social work, and continuing and professional studies, among other areas.

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