Letter to the NYU Faculty Updating the Status of the Negotiations Between the UAW and the University


December 19, 2002


Dear Faculty Member:


As we come to the close of the semester, we are writing to update you on the

negotiations between the UAW and the University.  Bargaining began on

September 10, 2002.  We have had ten sessions, with the University

represented by members of the University leadership team and the Faculty

Bargaining Committee, and adjunct faculty members represented by UAW

officials and a number of part-time faculty members.


The University is committed to bargaining in good faith and to achieving a

fair contract - one that recognizes the valuable contributions of adjunct

faculty to the University.  Adjunct faculty who teach at the University

bring specific and needed experience and skills that serve our students and

the entire community.


To date, the union has set forth what they have titled as their non-economic

proposals regarding part-time faculty’s participation in the university;

they have not yet set forth any other proposals.  Among their proposals, the

UAW has proposed the following for part-time faculty’s employment contract:


* A clause providing that all part-time faculty would presumptively be

reappointed to teach each semester, unless proven unqualified to teach;


* A clause providing for part-time faculty’s intellectual property rights

over curriculum and other materials created for online and distance learning



* A clause providing for part-time faculty’s mandatory participation in

school and university governance structures, including participation on

departmental, school and university committees and councils regarding

curriculum, academic standards, student affairs, tenure and promotions;


* A clause providing for seniority of part-time faculty ensuring that after

two semesters, a part-time faculty member is guaranteed the right to teach

the same course the next time it is offered; and, where part-time faculty

have developed a course offered by the university, they are guaranteed the

right to teach that course;


* A clause providing for paid sabbaticals for up to one year for every seven

years of service to the University; and,


* A clause providing that observation of part-time faculty is limited to the

following four circumstances:  during probation, because of unsatisfactory

student evaluations or complaints, upon application for promotion, or based

upon a specific request by the part-time faculty member to be observed.


The Faculty Bargaining Committee representing the University has made a

number of counterproposals.  While we are far apart in many of our

respective proposals, we will continue to negotiate with the UAW in good

faith to reach an agreement that benefits the entire university community

and reflects the many contributions that part-time faculty make to it. We

will continue to provide periodic updates as negotiations proceed and again,

please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at



As a reminder, the faculty who are members of the Faculty Bargaining

Committee are:


Marisa Carrasco     FAS

Alma Carten         Social Work

Ned Elton           Stern

Phil Furmanski      FAS

Marjorie Kalter     SCPS

Carol Martin        Tisch

Kathy O’Regan       Wagner

James Ramsey        FAS

Dick Richardson     Steinhardt

Kathleen Ross       FAS

Jalal Shatah        Courant


Finally, please feel free to contact any of the above faculty members for

further information or if you have any questions.


Thanks so much.


Cheryl Mills

Terry Nolan

Mary Sansalone


Press Contact

John Beckman
John Beckman
(212) 998-6848