LIBRARY FULLY RE-OPENED; WEST 4TH STREET/WASHINGTON SQUARE SOUTH RE-OPENED “New York University, working in close cooperation with the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and other city agencies, has fully re-opened its Bobst Library. All levels, including the lower levels that were affected by the steam leak, are operating normally and are open to students, faculty and staff.

“While some of the mud and water that entered the library as a result of the steam leak showed some traces of asbestos, more than 100 air samples taken throughout the library before, during and after the clean-up were negative for the presence of asbestos.

“Washington Square South, which had been shut during the exterior clean-up and pipe repair work, has been re-opened (12:30 pm, 9/1/00). However, LaGuardia Place between West 3rd Street and Washington Square South will remain closed while work continues to be done to repair damage done by the steam leak to the sidewalk and the street.

“Repairs to the pipe itself are nearly complete; all services should be restored to affected buildings – Vanderbilt, Hayden, D’Agostino and the others – by 4:00 pm today.

“The University once again thanks the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, the Police Department, the Fire Department, the Department of Environmental Protection and the other city agencies for their professionalism and tireless efforts during this difficult moment. NYU also thanks the University staff who worked so hard to help get everything back up and running. And the University is grateful for the patience of faculty, staff, students and members of the local community for whom this episode presented a disruption.”

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