Sino-American Cross-Cultural Training Project at NYU, May

The Shirley M. Ehrenkranz School of Social Work at New York University will act as the host site for the 1999 Sino-American Cross-Cultural Training Project this May. Thirty-three children’s services workers from the Chinese Children’s Fund (CCF) of Taiwan will participate in this project. Under the direction of NYU Professor Yuhwa Eva Lu, the project will provide training in the general areas of child, youth and family protection. Taiwan has had a child protection law since 1994.

Specifically, the curriculum will focus on child sexual abuse intervention, perpetrator intervention, parenting education, and adolescent truancy problem intervention. Participants will attend lectures at NYU and visit model community agencies throughout New York.

The Sino-American Cross-Cultural Training Project, which began in 1991 at San Diego State University, focused initially on child protection services. After five years at San Diego State, the project was continued at the University of California at Berkeley, concentrating on domestic violence. The goal of this project is to foster new understandings of child, youth, and family service systems in the U.S., particularly concerning the direct service delivery, intervention strategies and treatment models.

The NYU Ehrenkranz School of Social Work is one of the leading centers of professional training in direct social work practice. Through research, timely conferences, and the development of specialized training programs, the School actively pursues improvements in direct practice approaches and in social and mental health services for many different populations. Current initiatives are directed at treatment of bilingual clients; services for mentally ill substance abusers and children in foster care; work with homeless, mentally ill women; immigrant children and adults in need of mental health care; and social work supports within the public school system, among other efforts.

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