NYU’s Center for Advanced Technology’s “Ultraviolet” Event Will Exhibit 20 Computer and New Media Technologies WHAT: NYU’s Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) hosts its annual “Ultraviolet” showcase for top executives in the new media industry. “Ultraviolet,” which will be held in the CAT’s newly renovated space, will demonstrate 20 cutting-edge computer technologies - including six newly unveiled technologies - and will include exhibitions by two new computer companies formed around NYU technologies.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 15, 1999, 6:00 pm

WHERE: NYU’s Center for Advanced Technology, 719 Broadway, 12th Floor

New technologies to be featured include:

ScanMan by Daniel Rozin, NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program: ScanMan is an inexpensive alternative to 3D scanning which uses commonly available components to produce 3D images from real objects, delivering both color information and geometry on a PC.

Painterly Rendering: Painterly Rendering creates an image that appears hand painted in a variety of painting styles - Impressionist, Pointillist, etc. - based on only a user-supplied photograph or digital image.

3D Autostereo Display by Ken Perlin, NYU’s Media Research Laboratory: The 3D Autostereo Display enables one to view a virtual animated object with all the realism of an actual object in space. The display can fit on a desktop or be mounted on a wall.

Quikwriting by Ken Perlin, NYU’s Media Research Laboratory: Quikwriting, which can be downloaded from the CAT website, solves problems associated with personal digital assistants by enabling users to input entire words or sentences using a single, continuous gesture.

WebQNA by Adeel Hasan, Ajit Kambil and Roman Karlin, Information Systems Dept., NYU’s Stern School of Business: Applicable to a number of knowledge domains, WebQNA lays the basis for an information marketplace by providing incentives to the question and answer process using a unique point ratings scheme.

WebWatch by Alex Tuzhilin and Ravi Arunkundram, Information Systems Dept., NYU’s Stern School of Business: WebWatch allows a user to monitor websites by tracking changes, launching discovery processes, and exploring and collating the discovered results, including content and relationships between web events.

NYU’s Center for Advanced Technology is a State-funded economic development enterprise. The CAT acts as a bridge between the new media industry and the University, using the talents, research and expertise of NYU’s faculty and students to assist businesses in a variety of ways.

New York University is one of the largest private universities in the U.S. Based in New York City’s historic Greenwich Village, NYU has some 13 colleges and schools that conduct cutting-edge research and provide education in the arts and sciences, law, medicine, dentistry, business, nursing, education, the cinematic and performing arts, social work, and public service and administration, among other areas.

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