Paul Garabedian, a member of the faculty of New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, has been honored by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) for his work on thermonuclear fusion and wing design for commerical aircraft. The NAS Award in Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis is given every three years to scientists who make outstanding contributions to research.

Dr. Garabedian is a member of the applied physics section of the National Academy of Sciences, one of 12 members at the Courant Institute. His research includes two principal areas: the design of effective coil systems for fusion reactors – a billion dol lar international research undertaking – and transonic aerodynamics, including the development of shockless airfoils, now the standard for modern aircraft.

NYU President L. Jay Oliva said, “New York University’s prestige emanates from the quality of its faculty. It is precisely the sort of work done by Dr. Garabedian that exemplifies the excellence of our faculty, and indeed our entire University community. Speaking on behalf of the NYU family, I offer my congratulations. We are very proud of him.”

Philip Furmanski, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science and chair of the Biology Department, said, “I am very pleased that the NAS has chosen to so honor Dr. Garabedian; it is a richly deserved award. Internationally, Courant is recognized as a pre-emi nent institution for the study of applied mathematics, scientific computation and mathematical analysis; today’s award to Dr. Garabedian adds further to its lustre.”

David McLaughlin, director of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, said “Paul Garabedian’s work on transonic airfoils laid the foundation rational aerodynamics; his work on plasma physics has brought us closer to nuclear power generation by con trolled fusion. His special talent for teaching and mentoring has inspired many generations of young mathematicians at the Courant Institute. He is truly a world-class scientist”

Dr. Garabedian, who received his Ph.D. at the age of 20, has been a member of the NYU faculty for 35 years. He currently serves as director of the division of computational fluid dynamics. Dr. Garabedian and his wife are residents of Greenwich Village; his two daughters work in genetics and neuroscience laboratories.

The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, established at New York University in 1946, comprises the University’s departments of mathematics and computer science. It emphasizes an integrated view of mathematical and computational sciences as a singl e, unified field. With some 70 faculty members, it is recognized throughout the world as a leading institution for research and graduate education in applied mathematics, scientific computation, and mathematical analysis, among other areas. Its faculty members include 12 members of the National Academy of Sciences, two winners of the National Medal of Science, two Packard Foundation fellows, a Crafoord Prize winner and a MacArthur Foundation Fellow.

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