Salaries and employee benefits is the largest expense, accounting for 57% of the total budget. NYU employs approximately 9,000 individuals in academic positions as full-time and part-time faculty members and researchers, and approximately 6,000 individuals as full-time and part-time technical, clerical, service, and administrative employees at its New York campus alone. In addition, NYU employs approximately 9,000 students in part-time positions throughout the year.

General operating expenses and professional services and fees account for 12% and 5%, respectively, of the budget.

Operation and maintenance of the physical plant accounts for 14% of the expense budget, divided as follows: 6% for cleaning and building maintenance contracts, 5% for rent, 1% for energy, and 2% for all other expenses. Debt service accounts for 7% of the expense budget.

The budget includes a reserve for academic investments designated by the Provost and a general contingency. Transfers to non-operating funds, primarily the capital fund for capital replacement and information technology projects, account for 4% of the budget.

$3.8 billion
Fiscal 2022 Budget Expense by Category

Fiscal 2022 Budget Expense by Category Pie Chart

Fiscal 2022 Budget Expense by Category Data