Another way to view the expense budget is by purpose of expenditures.

Expenditures by schools and institutes comprise 66% of the total budget to cover the cost of faculty and administrative salaries and non-personnel costs in direct support of teaching research and the libraries. Facilities management and campus safety account for 12% of total expenditures, divided as follows: 4% for student housing, 1% for faculty housing, and 7% for academic buildings and general infrastructure.

The direct cost of auxiliary operations, including student housing, dining, and residential education, account for 3% of the total budget. When the fully allocated costs of facilities management and administrative operations are added, the expenses of auxiliary operations closely match the revenue from auxiliary operations.

Administrative units comprise 9% of the total expense budget and include budgets for services such as development and alumni relations, human resources, finance, legal, and general contingencies. Provostial operations, including such units as the offices of the Provost, Admissions and Financial Aid, Institutional Research, Registrar and the Senior Vice Provost for Research, represent 3% of total expenditures. This expense category also includes a reserve for academic initiatives.

Central information technology and student affairs round out the remaining portion of expense budget, accounting for 4% and 3% respectively.

$3.378 billion
Fiscal 2019 Budget
Expense by Purpose

Fiscal 2019 Budget Expense by Purpose Pie Chart

Fiscal 2019 Budget Expense by Purpose Data