Dear Colleagues:

Welcome to the website of the Tenured/Tenured Track Faculty Senators Council (T-FSC). The T-FSC consists of 38 university senators, elected by each School and the Division of Libraries in New York City, NYU Abu Dhabi, and NYU Shanghai. Based on the principles of University shared governance, T-FSC participates in the University Senate, Senate’s committees, University level ad hoc committees, and the Council’s committees.

The T-FSC meets monthly during the academic year and discusses issues including education policies, compensation, governance, and satisfaction of work and life at New York University. Additionally, and equally as important, we are as a collective in a mindset to encourage the development of an explicit anti-racist identity for our university. This includes our individual efforts as educators and researchers to implement meaningful tactics in all aspects of our work to ensure our entire community feels as though they are included, belong and our diversity is celebrated.

There are myriad questions and concerns all faculty are encouraged to bring to our attention (e.g., research and teaching priorities, proposals for improvement, ways in which we can ensure you feel valued as a faculty member) and we will do our best to advocate and provide the transparency and advocacy best suited for full inclusion and faculty governance at its best. We wish you the very best as we embark upon a most unusual year amidst a host of societal and health crises and urge the most possible flexibility and compassion for yourselves and all others. We invite tenured and tenure track faculty members to bring their issues and concerns to the T-FSC through a senator of the specific school or directly to the Council at or 212-998-2230.

Best wishes,
Darcey Merritt, MSW, Ph.D.
T-FSC Chair, 2021-2022 and 2020-2021