Message from Ted Magder, FSC Chairperson 2011-12

The Faculty Senators Council has had a productive fall semester working through a variety of items concerning the University’s academic and faculty affairs, from tenure and promotion guidelines and faculty housing to on-going developments with the global network university. Our committees have worked closely with the University’s administrative liaisons on benefits, finance, and wellness. We continue to monitor and comment on any proposed changes to tenure and promotion procedures and other personnel-related items. The Executive Committee’s meetings with the President and the Provost have been substantive and cordial.

We’ve also been working to improve the way we communicate with our constituents: first, through a new website launched last spring, and now through an electronic newsletter to be distributed regularly. Our aim is not just to keep the faculty informed on the work of FSC, but also to establish channels for greater participation in university governance by creating livelier forums for discussion anchored to easily accessible and accurate sources of information.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all FSC members for their contribution to University governance and, especially, to acknowledge the Council’s committee chairs and the Executive Committee officers for their help in crafting an agenda that meaningfully reflects the faculty’s priorities and interests. Finally, the work of FSC would be an impossible burden without the assistance and guidance of the FSC’s Coordinator, Karyn Ridder.

What follows is a summary of our most recent committee work and resolutions.

Recommendations on Faculty Compensation

To offset the real income declines for continuing faculty, the FSC has recommended an increase of 6.20% for 2012-3. The recommendation is based on the detailed work of FSC’s Finance and Policy Planning Committee which concludes that for the past nine years the merit pool for faculty salary increases has failed to keep pace with the cost of living in the New York Metropolitan Area. Between 2002-2011, continuing faculty salaries increased at an average compounded rate of 2.38% yearly. At the same time period, inflation averaged 2.91% yearly (compounded) In other words,the standard of living of faculty at NYU (salaries adjusted for inflation in the NYC metropolitan area) has deteriorated by 6.20% since 2002. The recommendations on faculty compensation was sent to the administration in December.

Please join us at the Annual FSC Spring Faculty Reception

Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Time: 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Location: The Torch Club, 18 Waverly Place

Celebrate the beginning of the spring semester with colleagues. Cocktails & hors d'oeuvres served. Click here to RSVP

Faculty Housing Q & A

The Housing Committee met with members of the Office of Faculty Housing and Residential Services: Karen Gulino (Assistant Vice President) and Joe Wright (Director) in December and developed a Faculty Housing frequently asked questions & answers based on concerns and issues from faculty members.

Teaching Excellence

Reflecting a long history of support for the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), the FSC is now collaborating with Debra Szybinski, Executive Director of the Office of Faculty Resources, to create a faculty and student advisory committee for CTE. The FSC will also urge the university administration to redouble its support for CTE activities as part of a broader effort to promote teaching excellence at NYU. This spring the Committee for Teaching Excellence will work with the Senate Student Council to explore the rising costs of course material, such as textbooks, and to develop various scenarios for reigning in costs without reductions to quality or limits on course design. Read more

FSC Endorses Participation in University Goverance for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

The FSC has passed a resolution calling for the participation of non-tenure track full-time faculty in university governance. At present, NYU by-laws recognize tenure and tenure-track faculty, students, administrators, deans, and members of the central administration as eligible participants in university governance, specifically as members of University Senate and its various committees. The FSC further recommends that the participation of non-tenure track faculty be channeled through its own council, similar in design and purpose to the existing senate councils for full-time faculty, students, and deans. The resolution now goes to the Senate Committee on Organization and Governance for further consideration. Any change to NYU’s by-laws will require the final approval of the Board of Trustees. The resolution comes after long review and study over a number of years. Read more



NYU 2031

The NYU 2031 Committee, along with the Housing Committee, met with Lynne Brown, Senior Vice President for University Relations & Public Affairs, and Alicia Hurley, Vice President for Government Affairs & Community Engagement, and discussed the NYU 2031 plans and concerns of faculty about construction. There will be two Town Hall meetings in the Spring for all interested faculty to learn more and to ask questions. These will take place on Friday, March 9 from 10 am-12 pm and Friday, April 20 from 2-4 pm: RSVP to Session 1 or RSVP to Session 2. Updates on NYU 2031 are available on the 2031 website and the Community Board #2 website. Read more