Resolution regarding Amendment to NYU Bylaw 63(c): Elections and Appointments
  • The FSC proposed the following amendment to NYU Bylaw 63 (c):
  • All elections for members of the Faculty Senators Council shall be held prior to June 1, except in extenuating circumstances, which have been explained in writing to the FSC Governance Committee by June 6. The name of each representative to the Senate should be transmitted to the Secretary of the Senate not more than five days after June 1.
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Selecting & Appointing University Presidents
  • The Governance Committee created a background report on Presidential Search Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures at NYU.
  • The FSC approved a resolution recommending the amendment of NYU Bylaws to include provisions for conducting searches for the University President.
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Observer Status on FSC for NYU Poly
  • The FSC recommended that NYU Poly elect a member of its voting faculty to serve as an observer on the FSC in the coming academic year (2013-2014) and at the time Poly is recognized officially as a school of NYU, that observer will assume full voting rights on the Faculty Senators Council.
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Recommendation regarding Division of Libraries revised Faculty Bylaws: Proposal to Create a Non-Tenure Track
  • Tenure Modifications and Personnel and Affirmative Action Committees reviewed the proposed revisions and sent their recommendations to the administration.
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Making Google+ Available to NYU Users
  • The FSC approved use of Google+ on an individual opt-in basis.The Council wished to emphasize that the Social Media Policy, once approved, should take precedence over any preliminary Google+ best practices and solutions adopted in the interim period.
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Review of the Draft of Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy

  • The Tenure Modifications and Personnel and Affirmative Action Committees reviewed this policy and the Council sent their recommendations to the administration.

Recommendation on Community Use of Space at 4 Washington Square Village
  • The Housing Committee worked with the Office of Government Affairs and Civic Engagement and recommended that the University continue to pursue conversations with the community to determine priority community needs.
  • FSC identified daycare for children, elder care, and urgent care as possible uses. 
Recommendation to the administration on matters pertaining to faculty compensation for the academic year 2013-2014
  • To offset the decline in real income for continuing faculty, the Faculty Senators Council recommends an increase of 5.3% in this year’s faculty salary pool, of which all faculty will receive a minimum corresponding to the amount of the NYC cost-of-living index.
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Revision of Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure Document for Dentistry and Nursing

  • The Council recommended approval of the proposal to allow assistant professors on non-tenure tracks who are not promoted at the end of ten years to remain employed.


Policy on Weapons, Simulated Weapons and Theatrical Use of Weapons

  • The Administrative Issues and Governance Committees approved and sent their review of the Policy with one question in Section B.
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Review of School of Medicine Proposal for Extension of the Tenure Clock for individuals impacted by Hurricane Sandy

  • The Tenure Modifications Committee reviewed this document and the FSC sent their recommendations to the administration in January.
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University Space Priorities Working Group

  • The University Space Priorities Working Group consists of faculty representatives appointed by the schools and the Faculty Senators Council, as well as representatives from the Student Senators Council and the Administrative Management Council.
  • Discussions include anticipated construction start dates, space needs, strategic space planning, opportunities for expansion outside the superblocks, and financing real estate expansion.
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Possible Public School Re-zoning

  • The Council passed the following resolution at the December meeting:
    • The Faculty Senators Council would like to preserve for NYU faculty who live in Silver Towers, Washington Square Village, and around Washington Square Park (i.e. the core) the choice of PS3 and PS41 as zoned schools.

Cost of Course Materials

  • A workgroup to reduce the cost of course materials that began last spring as a collaboration between FSC and SSC, completed the project this fall and will be making recommendations to students and faculty.
  • The NYU Bookstore demonstrated a new innovative online system they have developed that enables NYU students to compare the cost of course materials across multiple vendors including the NYU Bookstore and order directly from vendors online. SSC members plan to promote use of the system throughout the student body.
  • The workgroup has also developed a set of “best practices” to assist faculty in reducing the cost of course materials for their students that will be disseminated this spring.
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Shared Governance

  • At the October 25 FSC meeting, the Council approved the Committee's memo to the administration on issues of shared governance. This memo also provides a response to the June 29, 2012 memo from the administration on governance issues.
  • The FSC and designees of the Administration reached a mutual agreement on the revised language of the five principles of shared governance. The resolution was passed at the November 20 FSC meeting.

NYU Faculty Handbook Amendments

  • On November 20, the FSC approved a memo regarding Faculty Handbook amendments, in response to the administration's July 12 memo.
  • A resolution regarding the procedure for amending the Faculty Handbook was also approved

Global Network University

2013 Benefits Enrollment

  • The Benefits Committee met with members of the HR Office to discuss the 2013 Benefits updates, including the new High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with Health Savings Account (HSA).
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Senate Representation of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies
  • The FSC passed a resolution to extend an invitation to the most recent School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) senator to serve on the Council for a one year term.

Review of revisions to the Policies and Procedures for Appointment, Promotion and Tenure at the School of Medicine

  • The Tenure Modifications Committee and PAAC reviewed this document, which incorporates the establishment of a full-time non-tenure track for librarians and sent their recommendations to members of the University and School of Medicine administration.
  • A response addressing their recommendations was sent by the Provost office and the Council sent a final follow-up response in December. The Provost office sent a final response on December 17.