Review of documents: NYU Policy on Academic Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment and NYU Statement on Intellectual Property

FSC Faculty Survey on NYU 2031

  • The FSC has reviewed and assessed the results of its survey on NYU 2031, undertaken between April 5 - 13.
  • The survey was distributed to 3,933 tenured, tenure track, and non-tenure track, full-time faculty.
  • 1,146 responses were received for an overall response rate of 29%.
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Tax Assistance for Same-Sex Couples Legally Married or in Civil Unions

  • The FSC is delighted to announce that it has encouraged the University to extend tax assistance to legally married same-sex couples or those in a civil union.
  • The plan will begin in 2013 and is modeled after those recently put in place at Columbia and Yale universities.
  • Details of the benefit will be announced shortly by the administration.
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NYU Traveler

  • In late November 2011, the Executive Committee of the FSC was informed that the Administration was planning to roll out a program termed “NYU Traveler” across the whole University.
  • This program would require all faculty traveling with the expectation of reimbursement from NYU to register their travel plans on line either individually or automatically if they choose to use one of Traveler’s two travel services, American Express or Egencia.
  • The reason for this mandatory registration, according to the administration, was to enhance the safety and security of NYU employees and students.
  • Pilot programs, first at Stern and then at FAS, met with considerable criticism focusing on concerns about privacy and the time consuming nature of the requirement. As a result, the University’s administration has announced a significant modification to the NYU Traveler: the program is now voluntary for all but faculty and other University employees who accompany undergraduates on NYU-affiliated student trips.

Participation in University Governance for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

  • The FSC passed a resolution calling for the participation of non-tenure track faculty in university governance.
  • At present, NYU by-laws recognize tenure and tenure-track faculty, students, administrators, deans, and members of the central administration as eligible participants in university governance, specifically as members of University Senate and its various committees.
  • The FSC further recommends that the participation of non-tenure track faculty be channeled through its own council, similar in design and purpose to the existing senate councils for full-time faculty, students, and deans.
  • The resolution now goes to the Senate Committee on Organization and Governance for further consideration. Any change to NYU’s by-laws will require the final approval of the Board of Trustees.
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Recommendations on Faculty Compensation, 2012-2013   
  • In November, the Finance and Policy Planning Committee developed and FSC approved the recommendation to the administration on matters pertaining to faculty compensation for the Academic Year 2012-2013. The Committee provided a presentation of these recommendations at the Senate Financial Affairs meeting in early December.
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 Changes to Retiree Medical Benefits
  • The FSC Benefits Committee worked last year with Human Resources (HR) to improve retiree health and wellness programs. They advocated for a retiree dental plan and access to on-campus wellness programs such as free flu shots.
  • In June, the Provost announced changes to retiree medical benefits
  • In this memo, the Provost announced that effective January 1, 2012 access to a new group dental plan option for both current and future retirees will be offered. The details of this retiree paid dental plan will be sent in the fall.
  • Also, free seasonal flu shots are now being offered to NYU retirees and one household member over age 18 at convenient locations on campus. In addition, after the Committee's suggestion in the fall, the Benefits Office included retirees in the cholesterol, derma scan, and bone density screenings for the Spring.
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Global Network University

  • The Global Network University Initiatives Committee will meet with various administrators involved in the development of portal campuses and other Global Network University initiatives. The topics the Committee will focus on include quality control, governance, hiring, and academic freedom issues.
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Coles Sports Center/Palladium Facilities

  • The Administrative Issues Committee met with senior administrators to discuss issues regarding the Coles/Palladium facilities raised in the Spring 2010 FSC Survey
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NYU 2031: NYU in NYC 

  • A new FSC Committee was formed this year to focus on the topic of NYU 2031 space planning. 
  • The Committee, along with the Housing Committee, continues to meet with members of the Office of Government and Community Affairs this fall to discuss the current status of these plans.
  • The FSC hosted two forums and produced a faculty survey on these issues
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Teaching Excellence

  • The Teaching Excellence Committee is colloborating with students to address the issue of the high cost of course materials for students.
  • The Committee is also working with the Center for Teaching Excellence to increase faculty input into the Center's programs.

Review of the document: NYU Washington Square Policy for Postdoctoral Appointments

  • In September, the Personnel and Affirmative Action Committee reviewed the draft of this document and presented recommendations to the administration.

 University-wide Policy on Academic Integrity for Students

  • The new Academic Integrity for Students at NYU Policy is a general statement of NYU’s standards regarding academic integrity and is applicable to all students at all NYU schools.  
  • The Faculty/Student Relations Committee and Educational Policies: Teaching Excellence Committee will examine the process of implementation of the new policy in NYU Schools.

Documents reviewed by the Personnel and Affirmative Action Committee

  • The Personnel and Affirmative Action Committee reviewed and made recommendations to the administration on the Guidelines for Clinical Faculty at NYU Steinhardt School and recommendations on the Policy on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment.
  • Along with the Governance Committee, PAAC will also soon review the policies on Research Personnel Appointments and Postdoctoral Appointments.

Documents reviewed by the Tenure Modifications Committee

  • The Tenure Modifications Committee reviewed and made recommendations to the administration on the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW)’s Tenure and Promotion Guidelines and the Institute for Fine Arts (IFA)'s Promotion and Tenure Guidelines. The Provost sent a response memo and addressed the FSC's recommendations, which were not incorporated in the final document.