Teaching and Student Affairs

acts as the Faculty Senators Council counterpart to the Academic Affairs Committee of the University Senate; interacts with the NYU Center for Teaching Excellence and the University Committee on Student Life (UCSL).

Committee Co-Chairs, 2012-2013: Carol Sternhell and Nancy Van Devanter


Cost of Course Materials

A workgroup to reduce the cost of course materials that began last spring as a collaboration between FSC and SSC, completed the project this fall and will be making recommendations to students and faculty.

In the spring of 2012 the workgroup conducted a multi-component study on the problem that included: (1) a review of the current literature to identify strategies used in other universities, (2) a review of NYU policies and practices and (3) a meeting with the NYU Bookstore Director Phil Christopher and textbook specialist Peter Urias to explore their role in addressing the problem.

At a follow-up meeting this fall, Mr. Christopher and Mr. Urias demonstrated a new innovative online system they have developed that enables NYU students to compare the cost of course materials across multiple vendors including the NYU Bookstore and order directly from vendors online. SSC members plan to promote use of the system throughout the student body. The workgroup has also developed a set of “best practices” to assist faculty in reducing the cost of course materials for their students that will be disseminated this spring.

Course Evaluations

In response to the request from the Student Senators Council, the FSC Faculty-Student Relations Committee looked into the possibility of developing a uniform system across NYU's many schools of collecting and publicizing course evaluations. Schools' policies currently vary widely. In May of 2012, the Committee presented a resolution regarding course evaluations which was approved by the Council.

The Faculty Council recommends:

  1. That all schools be encouraged to conduct end-of-semester evaluations of all undergraduate and graduate classes and instructors, either on paper or online.
  2. That this information be available to students on a familiar NYU site like Albert.

This plan is in the process of implementation by undergraduate Deans with input from the Faculty Senators Council.