Personnel Policies & Tenure Modifications

reviews University personnel policies and practices, including inclusion, equity & diversity, which affect the faculty; considers any proposals affecting tenure; examines problems experienced under tenure rules and considers alternative solutions

Committee Co-Chairs, 2013-2014: Warren Jelinek and Charlton McIlwain



  • University Guidelines for Full-Time Contract Faculty Appointments
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Review of Tisch School of the Arts’ Guidelines for Arts Professors: Appointments, Renewals, Promotions

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity at NYU

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University Guidelines for Full-Time Contract Faculty Appointments
  • The Personnel Policies & Tenure Modifications Committee reviewed and made recommendations to the document:  University Guidelines for Full-Time Contract Faculty Appointments
  • At the February FSC meeting the review and recommendations were approved.
  • View PDF of review (February 20, 2014)

Review of Tisch School of the Arts’ Guidelines for Arts Professors: Appointments, Renewals, Promotions


On September 18, 2013, The Provost, David McLaughlin, asked the Faculty Senators Council to review and comment on Tisch School of the Arts’ newly revised appointment policy for Arts Professors. The policy was developed by Tisch Deans Campbell and Scheeder, tenure/tenure track faculty and contract faculty, and has been revised in close consultation with the Provost.

The Provost has permitted Tisch to implement these new guidelines at this time as an interim document, pending FSC review and comment, and final approval by the Provost.
According to the Provost, Tisch’s policy will also be subject to revision once the University has adopted university-wide appointment guidelines for contract faculty.


IT IS RESOLVED, that the Faculty Senators Council requests the following changes and clarifications regarding the Tisch School of the Arts’ Policy for Arts Professors (TSOA4):

  1. Reconcile language in 1.2 regarding “Full-Time Faculty” to be consistent with University Handbook guidelines for who can be designated as such. This consistency can be accomplished without altering the spirit with which the language is proposed by the Tisch faculty by making the second-to-last sentence read, “Arts Professors and tenure/tenure track professors both provide full-time service to the Tisch School.” We note that the Faculty Handbook makes a distinction between the term “full-time”, which is reserved for tenure/tenure track faculty, and the term “full-time service” which applies to both tenure/tenure track faculty and those non-tenure track faculty who provide full-time service to the University. Accordingly, the term “full-time faculty” should not be applied to non-tenure track faculty.
  2. Clarify the final sentence in section 1.5. In keeping with prior sentiment expressed by the FSC, we would strongly prefer that the policies in effect at the time of appointment apply to any action taken regarding Arts Professors with respect to appointments, renewals and promotions (see March 14, 2013 FSC resolution, Library Proposal to Create a Non-Tenure Track). We understand that the Provost has previously pointed out that the University Policy On Policies, and guidelines for contract faculty in other Schools similarly dictate that “it is the policies in effect at the time of an action that apply.” (see May 1, 2013 Memo from the Provost, FSC Recommendation about Division of Libraries Revised Faculty ByLaws). However, we note that the example provided in that document is not commensurate with the FSC’s primary concern: ensuring that faculty are not unfairly disadvantaged by changing guidelines directly related to their appointments, renewals, or promotions that might be instituted after the time of appointment. 
  3. Also in section 1.5 the procedure for amending the policy should be defined, and the procedure should include the faculty.
  4. Add language in sections 4.1 and 4.2 that specify what the review process is for determining whether an Arts Professor will be appointed past the first year probationary period, what the process is for annual review following the probationary period, including what School governing bodies/individuals will conduct the reviews.
  5. Specify in the final sentence of section 4.7: “The Chair of the Department is also notified and a request is sent [to whom?] that external evaluators be identified [by whom?].

View Response from Provost (November 11, 2013)