Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

collects, reviews, and disseminates institutional data as it relates to the representation and academic standing of underrepresented groups of faculty and students; serves as a liaison between the Faculty Senators Council and the Office of Equal Opportunity, Office of the Provost for Diversity, and Office of Institutional Research on policies and procedures that affect matters related to inclusion, equity, and diversity; develops proposals for programs to further advance the university’s mission in these areas.

Co-Chairs: Sinan Antoon & Ann Morning
Members: Kwame Anthony Appiah, Arlene Davila, Michael Garabedian, Sydney Ludvigson

Agenda Items

  • Survey NYU’s current diversity efforts, both university-wide and on a school-by-school basis
  • Meet with key actors and units (e.g. Ulrich Baer, Vice Provost for Faculty, Arts, Humanities & Diversity; Office of Equal Opportunity)
  • Research other universities’ diversity efforts, with an eye to identifying best practices
  • Propose a set of policy recommendations for NYU