Global Network University

analyzes academic issues regarding portal campuses and the implementation of the Global Network University initiative

Co-Chair: Awam Amkpa
Members: Sylvain Cappell, Andre Fenton, Arvind Rajagopal, Adam Ramey, Paul Smoke, Brad Weslake

GNU Fall Semester Report (2016)

The Global Network Committees of both T-FSC and C-FSC had a meeting with Linda G. Mills (Vice Chancellor for Global Programs) and Matthew Santirocco (Senior Vice Provost Academic Affairs) to familiarize the joint committee with the academic and administrative structures of the Global Network and its recent developments. During the meeting we restated what the Faculty Councils have achieved in terms of creating an integrated faculty governance which encompasses faculty leaders elected by colleagues in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, the broad support for mechanisms that enhance connectivity between New York, Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, and a more structured academic programming that has clear and coherent oversight. Such mechanisms include support for Global Network University Professorships and Joint Hires between the Portal campuses. We stated our roles in ensuring the Faculty Handbook illustrates the integration particularly on rights, responsibilities, grievance and disciplinary procedures across the university. We also recognized the integrated relationship between the Advisory Council on the Global Network and members of our own committees responsible for ensuring faculty advocacy is well structured in its deliberations and advise.

Developments in the GNU include:

  • A broader re-engagement with schools and departments for course developments, review of syllabi and approvals, as well as overview of appointments at the Global Sites through Site Specific Academic Committees.
  • Strategies for cross-school collaborations and curricula reforms to reflect school and university needs.
  • Involve New York faculty in the life of Global sites through conferences, teaching and research facilities.This includes an enhanced Global Research Initiatives grant from the Office of the Provost.
  • A Global Faculty Fund that supports faculty at Global sites to visit New York through curricula and academic collaborations.
  • Broad based Diversity initiatives that includes Global Pathways Scholarships towards Study Abroad for financially aid. So far $900,000 need based scholarships are awarded annually by the Office of Global Programs (OGP). $150,000 of that amount comes from the budget of the OGP and the sum of $400,000 from Santander Universities, the rest are derived from targeted Alumni and University donations. Additionally, the Gillman Scholarships are offered to students with disabilities as well as under-represented minorities to study abroad.
  • A developed program that includes pre-departures and post study away initiatives.
  • Participation of NYUAD in the Global sites for student, faculty and curricula intersections.

The committee also learned that there is a new task force to advise academic affairs called the Global Learning Outcomes in which our members are well represented. The task force is made up of faculty with expertise on various subjects related to global education as well as representatives of schools. Its charge is to a)develop learning outcomes within the GNU b) review current scholarship c)review secondary benefits of Study Away and d) make recommendations about mechanisms for assessments.

The task force will submit its findings and recommendations to the Provost and President in May 2017.

Our committee chairs also had a meeting with the Office of Global Programs on Labor monitoring at NYUAD. Following our joint report last year in which we recognized and applauded the comprehensive and multi-faceted efforts by NYUAD administration and faculty committees in ensuring a robust labor compliance infrastructure, the leadership apprised us on the reformed standard of labor practices now developed as ‘The Suppliers Code of Conduct’. This revised document comes with consultations with our committee, the Advisory Committee on GNU and activist groups like the Coalition for Fair Labor and it is attached with this report. Josh Taylor (Associate Vice Chancellor Global Programs) will make a presentation at the November T-FSC meeting as well as answer any questions.

We continue to be concerned about the academic oversight of global programs and will work with various sections of the OGP administration and leadership of NYUAD and NYUSH to ensure such oversight enhance connectivity, curriculum and faculty development and integrated advocacy across the university.