Global Network University

analyzes academic issues regarding portal campuses and the implementation of the Global Network University initiative

Co-Chairs: Awam Amkpa & Arvind Rajagopal
Members: Sylvain Cappell, Andrea Jones-Rooy, Adam Ramey, Carol Sternhell, George Thurston

Agenda Items

  • Review of governance, research and connectivity within the GNU
  • Financial data on GNU is needed; in situ agreements with portal campuses need to permit faculty senate discussion/monitoring
  • Incorporate descriptions of the Global Network University Professorships, rights and privileges within the Faculty Handbook
  • ┬áLiaising with appointed GNU committee and deans council to study and monitor implementations of the GNU professorships
  • Following up on key issues and recommendations from the Nardello report and the university's response
  • Seeking clarifications on finances and intersections with each portal campus
  • Specifically, information on the estimated "investment phase" of the global sites, and on the anticipated shift to "revenue-earning phase."
  • Following up on proposed structures for monitoring the GNU