Faculty Benefits & Housing

reviews and makes recommendations with regard to faculty benefits; discusses issues related to housing for faculty; monitors University policies and practices that affect faculty in University housing

Co-Chairs: David Backus & Wen Ling
Members: Robert Hoffman, Angela R. Kamer, Allen Mincer, Daniel Smith (fall)

Agenda Items

  • Housing: Survey results
  • Retirement: Evidently offers have been sent to some people in some departments. Is this something we want to look into?
  • Portable tuition remission: There's some desire, not unanimous, to expand tuition remission for students attending schools other than NYU. Should we continue to explore options?
  • Healthcare: This will almost certainly change in noticeable ways as the Affordable Care Act rolls out. It raises lots of questions because we have what it colloquially called a "Cadillac plan," which the ACA makes much more expensive. If NYU pays the "tax" on such plans, where does the money come from? If we don't, does that free up money for other benefits? Are there more tax-friendly ways to provide benefits?