Administrative Issues

examines non-academic areas which have an impact on faculty.

Chair: Carol Hutchins

Making Google+ Available to NYU Users

The Committee met with members of the administration regarding adding Google+ to suite of NYU's Apps for Ed and discussed privacy concerns and the product's commercial versus academic license.

The FSC approved use of Google+ on an individual opt-in basis.The Council wished to emphasize that the Social Media Policy, once approved, should take precedence over any preliminary Google+ best practices and solutions adopted in the interim period.

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Weapons Policy

After review by the Administrative Issues and Governance Committees, the FSC approved the new Policy on Weapons, Simulated Weapons and Theatrical Use of Weapons at the January meeting.

The Committees sought clarification on one item in Section B, which currently reads:

NYU prohibits the possession of any Weapon and, except as set forth below in “D”, any Simulated Weapon, (i) in and/or around the NYU campus, including any and all NYU facilities (whether academic, residential, or other facilities), and this prohibition extends to all NYU property, whether owned, leased, or controlled by NYU, regardless of whether the bearer or possessor is licensed to carry that Weapon and (ii) at any NYU-sponsored activity, whether on-campus or off-campus.

Our question is this: Does the highlighted phrase [in and/or around the NYU campus] mean that NYU has the right to regulate weapons on property it does not own, but which abuts or is adjacent to NYU property, including public property?


The Clery Handbook requires NYU to disclose statistics for reported Clery crimes that occur: 1) on campus; 2) on public property within or immediately adjacent to the campus; and 3) in or on non-campus buildings or property that the institution owns or controls. The NYU weapons policy is intended to be consistent with this set of requirements.