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Restructuring of Student Government

You are the student body! Each and every one of you is represented within student government in at least one of two capacities: in your academic identity as a student of a particular school, and in your social identity as a student of a particular constituency.

Together, the Students Senators Council (SSC) and Presidents Council (PC) composes the monthly Student Government Assembly (SGA) that is open to the entire student body and is where both the SSC and PC will be fully transparent about plans and efforts, and where you all can come and express concerns, ideas, grievances, or discuss points otherwise.

The Students Senators Council

The Student Senators Council (SSC) is primarily, but not exclusively, the policy advocacy body of student government. It is composed of School Senators and Senators at-Large. All Senators at-Large exist to represent particular constituencies, be it Black Students, Graduate Students, Club Life, Military/Veteran Students, Latin American Diaspora Students, LGBTQ Students, or otherwise. School Senators, quite intuitively, represent the needs and interests of your schools. Together, the SSC is one of the five councils that sit at the University Senate, the overarching governance body of the entire university, presided by President Andy Hamilton and Provost Katherine Fleming. President Hamilton and his office is the primary link between NYU and our Board of Trustees.

The Presidents Council

The Presidents Council (PC) is primarily, but not exclusively, the programming and engagement body of student government. It is composed of School Council Presidents and Constituency Council Presidents. The former, again intuitively, represent particular schools and programs within this body. Constituency Council Presidents in turn represent the various self-determined student organizational bodies at NYU, be it athletics, international students, greek life, cultural organizations, Residence Assistants, residence hall councils, and more!

New Student Government Structure Graphic

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