Current Resolutions & Letters of Support

What We've Done

  • The Student Services Committee, in coordinating with a number of student-led groups and university administration, created the Tobacco-Free Initiative. The Initiative’s first actions included the painting of smoke-­free boundary dots and the placement of new tobacco-­free signage outside Weinstein Residence Hall and Elmer Holmes Bobst Library.
  • Working alongside the Inter-Residence Hall Council and the Student Technology and Research Committee, the Student Senators Council added IT print stations to all residence halls.
  • The Student Services Committee, supporting student-led efforts to increase the university’s sustainability programs, spearheaded the installation of water fountain refilling stations in the Kimmel Center and in upcoming building renovations.
  • The Conference Funding Committee has increased its available funds from $30,000 in Academic Year 2014 to $60,000 in Academic Year 2016. The committee has funded more than 160 grants for students attending conferences around the world.
What We've Done