Interested in getting involved with student government? Apply to become a Senator at-Large to represent communities that are not represented by school senators.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or any other general concern, please reach out to us at

Student Government Meeting

Join a Student Government Committee

Student Government fulfills most of our initiatives through committee work. Below is a link to the listing of all of the committees which oversee particular student interests.

As a student, you have the opportunity to serve on various Student Government committees including committees such as the Student Activities Board (SAB), Alumni Relations, Information Technology Advisory Board, or even Public Relations.

Click here to find a listing of all the committees and find the preference form for joining a committee.

Student Government Assembly

Come to Student Government Meetings

Student Government meetings are open to all students to hear about current university issues we are tackling! The meetings pass recommendations for student councils and work to improve the student experience through the various Student Government committees.

Meetings are open to all students and have free food. Click here to find out when the next Student Government Meeting is.

School Council Meetings

Join your School Council

Reach out to your School President or Senator here. They will be able to tell you when their General Assembly meets, of council position openings, and projects their council is working on.

School Senator

Become a School Senator

Becoming a School Senator is a great way to get involved with Student Government and represent the interests of your school on the university senate. School Senators act as a liaison between their respective school, Student Government, and the University Senate. Elections typically take place during the All-University Elections period during the Spring semester. For more information on elections for School Senator, reach out to your School President or Senator here.

Senator at-Large

Become a Senator at-Large

Senators at-Large, chosen by the currently elected school senators, are meant to represent constituencies not fully captured by school affiliation (e.g. club life, commuters, international students, etc.). They also often take extraordinary leadership roles within Student Government. Selection for Senators at-large normally takes place during the spring semester. For more information on the Senator at-Large selection, email us at