2022-2023 Student Senators Council (SSC)

The Student Senators Council (SSC) is made up of 25 School Senators elected by the student body of each college and school at NYU, and 14 Senators at-Large selected by the School Senators. Non-voting membership includes 14 Alternate Senators at-Large.

School Senators

School Senators represent the voice of their respective student body on the SSC and University Senate while also serving as the liaison between these bodies and their respective school councils.

School Senator
Abu Dhabi TBA
College of Arts & Science Ron Hall
Dentistry TBA
Gallatin Natassia Walker
Graduate School of Arts & Science TBA
Law Shawn Thibault
Liberal Studies Ryan Carney
Medicine TBA
Nursing TBA
School of Global Public Health
Titi Felege
School of Professional Studies (Grad) Katarina Chan
School of Professional Studies (UG) Sebastian Richardson
Shanghai TBA
Silver (Grad) TBA
Silver (UG) TBA
Steinhardt (Grad) TBA
Steinhardt (UG) Katarina Demos
Stern (Grad) TBA
Stern (UG) TBA
Tandon (Grad) Maria Rehan
Tandon (UG) Madeleine Mai
Tisch (Grad) TBA
Tisch (UG) TBA
Long Island School of Medicine TBA
Wagner D'Shandi Coombs

Senators at-Large

Senators at-Large represent constituencies not fully captured by school affiliation, including marginalized and non-institutionally supported communities (e.g. students of color, LGBTQ+, commuters, international students, sustainability, etc.).

Constituency Senator at-Large
FGLI Students & Students Experiencing Basic Needs Insecurity Anthony Cruz
Veterans and Military Students Kyle Shrader
Black Students, International Students of Color Nahjae Nunes
Asian Students & Mental Health Megan Chen
First-Generation Low-Income (FGLI) Students, Students with Jobs Amira Aboudallah
Latine Students and Undocumented Families Eric Carrera
Men of Color Cameron Grant
Black Students and Students Experiencing Food/Basic Needs Insecurity Shamon Lawrence
Students Experiencing Food Insecurity & Women of Color JiJi Lee
South Asian Students Amber Alirahi
Students for Sustainability Jacqueline Moy
International Students + Students with Basic Needs Insecurity Tina Panda
Underprivileged  Gender Expansive Students Gisele Martin
Muslim Students Jaree Zaidi

Alternate Senators at-Large

Constituency Alternate Senator at-Large
Mental Health, Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating, and Student Athletes Ana Roudebush
Middle Eastern & North African (MENA) Students Sarah Abdalla
Women & Women of Color in Academia Shreya Vasagiri
Muslim & Middle Eastern & North African (MENA) Students Lama Tamara
Asian international Students + Spring Admit Students Preston Hung
Women + Mental Health Aarna Dixit
Muslim Women Lamisa Khan
Students Facing Disability, Mental Illness, and Accommodations Olivia Epley
Jewish Students Eitan Gutenmacher

2022-2023 Presidents Council (PC)

The Presidents Council (PC) is made of Presidents of school councils and other constituencies and organization leaders across the New York campus. In addition to overseeing programming and engaging in advocacy work within their councils, they collaborate with other Presidents and departments to provide support for all students.

School Presidents

School Presidents represent the students within their respective college, school, and program, acting as the presiding officer of their school council.

School President
Abu Dhabi TBA
College of Arts & Science Veronica Spinelli
Dentistry TBA
Gallatin Ethan Johnson

Graduate School of Arts & Science (Doctoral Co-President)

Graduate School of Arts & Science (Master's Co-President)



Law Arielle Lipan
Liberal Studies Sneha Sridhar
Medicine TBA
Nursing Emily Chow

School of Global Public Health (Graduate Co-President)

School of Global Public Health (Undergraduate Co-President)

Rebecca Yu

Suki Thunga


School of Professional Studies (Grad) Catalina Mejia
School of Professional Studies (UG) Ally Weaver
Shanghai TBA
Silver (Grad) TBA

Silver (UG) (Co-Presidents)


Steinhardt (Grad) TBA
Steinhardt (UG) Michelle Egli

Stern (Grad) (Co-Presidents)


Stern (UG) TBA
Tandon (Grad) Utkarsha Chourasia
Tandon (UG) Nawal Panjwani
Tisch (Grad) (Co-Presidents)


Tisch (UG)
Danielle Gould
Wagner Maggie Knight

Constituency Presidents

Constituency Presidents represent organizations across the university within the Student Affairs and the Center of Student Life, including Class Activities Board, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Athletics, and more.

Organization President
Senior Class Activities Board '23 Jenna Mohammed
Junior Class Activities Board '24 TBA
Sophomore Class Activities Board '25 Angela Chou
First-Year Class Activities Board '26 TBA
Commuter Student Council Mya Sato
International Student Council TBA
Governance Council of Minority & Marginalized Students (GCOMMS) TBA
Student Activities Board
Program Board Aryana Dehghan
Interfraternity Council Elden Bruner
Multicultural Greek Council Ashley Han
Panhellenic Council Jaden Diaz
Inter-Residence Hall Council (IRHC) TBA
Resident Assistant (RA) Council TBA
Military Alliance TBA

Student Athletic Advisory Council (Co-Presidents)


2022-2023 Global Student Council (GSC)

The Global Student Council is made of Presidents, Senators and other student leaders that serve the Global Network. They overlook the portal campuses Abu Dhabi and Shanghai and act as student ambassadors around the Global Network, creating intersections within all NYU.

Site Ambassadors

Site Ambassadors are liaisons to the Student Government Assembly around the Global Network. They plan out events, town halls and make sure to advocate for students' needs within their respective sites. Site Ambassadors work closely with the Global Student Council Vice Chair and the Site Ambassador Committee Chair.

Site Site Ambassaor
NYU Abu Dhabi TBA
NYU Abu Dhabi
NYU Shanghai TBA
NYU Shanghai TBA
New York TBA
New York TBA
NYU Berlin TBA
NYU Buenos Airies TBA
NYU Florence TBA
NYU London TBA
NYU London TBA
NYU Los Angeles TBA
NYU Madrid TBA
NYU Madrid TBA
NYU Prague TBA
NYU Prague TBA
NYU Tel Aviv TBA

Portal Campus Representatives

Portal Campus Representatives are students that are a part of various student councils around the Portal Campuses and the Global Network.

Site Position Name
Abu Dhabi Senator TBA
Abu Dhabi President TBA
Abu Dhabi Vice President TBA
Abu Dhabi Global Affairs Chair TBA
Shanghai Senator TBA
Shanghai President TBA
Shanghai Vice President TBA
Shanghai Global Affairs Chair TBA
New York NY Global Rep TBA
Liberal Studies President TBA
Liberal Studies GLS Vice President TBA
Liberal Studies LS Core Vice President TBA
Liberal Studies Director of First Year Away Affairs TBA
Washignton D.C Congress President TBA

2022-2023 Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs are responsible for leading their committee in carrying out their agenda items and are responsible for updating the body on the work of the committee.

Committee Chairs & Vice-Chairs
Academic Affairs Committee


All-University Events Committee


Alumni Relations Committee TBA
Chair Elections Reform Anthony Cruz
Conference Funding Committee TBA
Diversity Committee


Elections Commission TBA
Financial Affairs Committee TBA
Global Humanitarian Issues TBA
Graduate and Master's Student Issues
Health & Wellness Committee


International Student Affairs Committee


Organization & Governance Committee TBA
Professional Standards Committee


Public Relations Committee TBA
Site Ambassadors Committee TBA
Student Services & Success Committee


Student Technology Committee TBA
Sustainabilty Committee


Professional Standards Referral Form

The Professional Standards Committee is a closed committee within SGA tasked with setting expectations for SGA membership and making sure those standards are upheld. This form is for reporting non compliance or instances where you believe expectations were not upheld by members of NYU's Student Government Assembly.