Swipe it Forward

What is Swipe it Forward?

Swipe it Forward is an SGA run program whose mission is to combat food insecurity using donated meal swipes.

The program relies on donations; thus, students with meal plans are encouraged to donate even one meal swipe to support the program.

Eligible dining halls to donate and redeem meal swipes:

  • Lipton
  • Downstein
  • Third North
  • Kosher Eatery
  • Jasper Kane Cafe

How it Works?

Food insecure students without a meal plan or a zero balance of meal swipes and dining dollars are eligible to use the Swipe it Forward program.

To Donate: Notify the cashier you would like to donate a meal swipe. Donate up to 3 swipes a day. Done!

To Redeem: If you see a ticket in the Swipe it Forward Jar, there are meals available. Eligible students, as defined above, notify the cashier they would like to use a meal swipe from the Swipe it Forward program. Easy!

For more resources, please visit Nutritional Support Initiatives