Priorities for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Affordability - Going to one of the most expensive universities in the country in one of the most expensive cities in the world is an enormous burden, particularly in the current state of global economy and national economy, and it is our duty as your student government to push an agenda to the University administration and faculty that lessens and alleviates the cost of being a student at NYU.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion - Wherein we recognize an enormous upward trend in the past few years of the capacity of NYU across our Global Network to recognize that incredibly complex dynamics of what students need more resources in what capacity, and it is our duty as your student government to continue working with and challenging the university to create a more equitable and just educational process for all students in all locations.

Transparency, Accountability, Intentionality - New York University, in the wake of both domestic and international growth in a very small time, has grown almost exponentially, and it is a widely articulated notion that we have a very complex institutions. It is this thought that led us to restructure student government this past month; student government promises to be transparent to you, because we are accountable to you, and we advocate for policy, procedural, or structural changes of NYU, we will be intentional in our actions.

Global Collaboration - The material reality is that New York University is centered, well, in New York. Student government here in NYC recognizes fully that Abu Dhabi and Shanghai are their own campus with their own student culture and the history and relationships that come with that. This logic extends, in a meaningful capacity, to the study away sites as well. This year the three centers of the student body plan to diligently work on creating a system wherein all parties feel empowered and with agency.

Sustainability - Under the leadership of President Hamilton, NYU is rising to mounting environmental challenges by taking a comprehensive look at our institution's footprint here in New York, and around the world; we as student leaders believe that sustainability should be a shared value and norm that we uphold within our organizations and our daily lives to support ourselves, and a sustainable future. We will look this year, as we have looked every year, and try our hardest to challenge ourselves as a student body, the faculty, and the administrative units to be less wasteful of our natural resources and create a culture mindful of our environmental impact.