The Executive Committee oversees the Student Government Assembly. They also regularly meet with the President, Provost and other administrators at New York University on behalf of all Student Government leaders in order to advance the student agenda.

Student Government Chair-Elect

Ryan Carney, (LS ‘23, WAG ‘24)

On Thursday, April 13th, the Student Government Assembly elected senior Ryan Carney to serve as the next chairperson. Ryan has been a member of the body for almost three years and has served as both a Senator and Director of Finance. He has spearheaded several initiatives including pushing for affordable housing, improving basic needs resources, and efforts to increase the use of open educational resources. Ryan has a few words he wanted to share with you: 

“I am looking forward to serving as the Student Government Chair next year. Our mission is to improve the student experience at NYU, and we cannot do that without your voice. Throughout your entire time at NYU—SGA, as a whole, is here for you. Feel free to reach out, and I am happy to connect with you.”

2022-2023 Officers

Ron Hall at the Presidential Welcome

Ron Hall


Chair, Student Government

College of Arts & Science

Office Hours: By Appointment

The Student Government Chair is the presiding officer in all Student Government Assembly, Student Senators Council, and Presidents Council meetings, a member of the Executive Board of the University Senate, and is the representative of the needs of the student body from across the Global Network to the University.

Ron Hall is the contact for all members of the Student Government Assembly.

Katarina Demos


Vice-Chair, Student Senators Council

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Office Hours: By Appointment

Kat Demos, Vice-Chair of Student Senators Council

The Student Senators Council Vice-Chair is responsible for all committees, including Student Government committees as well as placing Student Government members on University Senate and University Wide committees. The SSC Vice Chair also oversees the grievance process for Student Government and helps with the general operation of Student Government.

Lily Ge, Vice-Chair of  Presidents Council

Lily Ge


Vice-Chair, Presidents Council

NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Office Hours: By Appointment

The Presidents Council Vice-Chair is responsible for the coordination of the Presidents Council meetings, overseeing all university programs and clubs, and is in charge of all student engagement across the university.

Jordan Hubbard


Vice-Chair, Global Student Council

Global Liberal Studies

Office Hours: By Appointment

Jordan Hubbard, Vice-Chair of Global Student Council

The Global Student Council Vice-Chair is the point person for communication and collaboration with the rest of the Global Network. In order to unite the campuses and sites at NYU and promote the highest quality experience for all NYU students through global advocacy, policy, and programming, the Global Vice Chair is responsible for bringing a global perspective to the discussions at the Global Student Council, Student Senators Council, Student Government Assembly, and the University Senate, as well as increasing student engagement in global programming.

Jordan is the contact for Site Ambassadors and the Student Governments in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.

Leadership Team

The following appointed positions, plus the Executive Committee, make up the Student Government Leadership Team.

Shamiya McLennon

Shawn Thibault
Chief of Staff

Alicia Dai
Director, Communications

Maria Rehan
Director, Diversity

James Collett
Director, Finance

Eric Carrera
Director, Operations

Tina Panda
Director, Special Projects

Seamas Porter
Elections Commissioner

Ex Officio Cabinet Members

The following appointed positions, are Ex Officio members of the SGA Cabinet.

Rylie Xiong
Deputy Chief of Staff

Aiyana Coard
Deputy Director, Diversity

Sharon Tham
Deputy Elections Commissioner

Kuniya Asobayire
Deputy Director, Communications

Ryan Carney
Deputy Director, Finance

Hannah Butts