The Campus Coding Collaborative (C3) cultivates opportunities for students by providing tools and guidance to create new technologies to enhance the University. Think of it as university R&D, allowing students, faculty, and administrators to collaboratively develop and test new solutions to university problems. C3 also gives students a unique opportunity to foster a deeper sense of connection to their alma mater, while building their skills.

The initiative encourages global innovation and collaboration among students, faculty, and administrators in the experimentation, development, and testing of applications and ideas to improve NYU. C3 is a hub that brings together the talents and existing services of NYU to foster student ingenuity and drive to improve NYU and the student technology experience.

Innovation Grant


To give student the best possible chance to move ideas out of the classroom and laboratory and bring it to the NYU Community, all to create a better NYU.

C3 Program Goals

  • Support the development of technology that has positive benefits to the NYU community. 
  • Assist C3 teams with product development that will help turn ideas into reality and get them out of the classroom and the lab and to the NYU community. 
  • Provide opportunities for student inventors and innovators to foster a deeper sense of connection to their alma mater, while building their skills.  

The Application Process

Students with a compelling idea that benefits or helps improve the NYU community will complete an application outlining a project. This application will include details like team members, intended audience, how it creates a better NYU, resources required, and data requirements (if any). Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and reviewed by the C3 Advisory Board. After review, applications will either be accepted, returned for additional information or revisions, or declined.

Program at a Glance

C3 Innovation Grant teams will have the opportunity to secure up to $3,000 in grant funding, while participating in three required learning/development stages, and receive coaching from the C3 Advisory Board.

  • Stage 1: $500 + Canvas Strategyzer Workshop
  • Stage 2: $500 + NYU Tools, Data and Security Workshop + Weekly Coaching
  • Stage 3: $2000 + Launch Strategy

Program Details

The C3 Innovation Grant consist of three stages after the application has been accepted by the C3 Advisory Board. Acceptance into Stage 1 does not guarantee into subsequent stages.

Stage 1: $500 Grant Funding + Kickoff Meeting + Workshop

Stage 2: $500 grant funding + Workshop + Coaching

Stage 3: $2000 grant funding + Launch Strategy